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We created our social media pages to help you succeed online. And to launch these powerful resources, we’re running our first ever Facebook giveaway! Simply visit our Facebook contest page to enter! Win one of several Bluehost hosting accounts or even a brand new Apple iPad!

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  • Starting a blog was a great idea, BH! And this was a great way to make customers aware of all your social media at once!
    While I am a customer of Bluehost, I really don’t know much about tech. Fortunately BH is fairly user friendly. It could be a bit more intuitive, and perhaps have more help areas that explain things rather than provide directions, but I am just saying that because I’m curious about how things work.

    Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere!

  • Hello,

    I have entered your competition and ‘liked’ the page but it would not accept either of my email addresses so I couldn’t enter the competition. Why is that?


    • Hi Chris,
      It should be working just fine. Some people have had some issues but they appear random to us. It’s possible a lot of people are attempting to submit emails at the same time, so perhaps waiting for a lull would solve the problem. Also try using a different web browser. Firefox seems to be working for most people. Hope this helps!

  • Hmmm…your contest redirect doesn’t work with Firefox. Interesting. I had to use IE (whatever version this is) to get to the content. I would think that a web hosting company would make sure their pages were W3C compliant. Oh well. I like your service, I’ve been with you for several years and you’ve done an excellent job.

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