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Committed to Open Source

Open Source is the backbone of Bluehost. So to give back to the Open Source community, we work hand in hand with developers to leverage our resources and expertise toward helping their software thrive. Our new Bluehost Open Source Solutions (BOSS) program helps both established and upcoming projects gain immediate support from the world's largest and best hosting provider.

Industry-Leading Technology

Bluehost is built on open source technology. We operate our own data center, monitored 24/7 by our on-site professional admin team. Coupled with our customized linux kernel, we control every aspect of our hardware and software. And with a vast development team experienced in optimizing over 70 open source platforms, Bluehost is the world's leading solution for Open Source implementation and hosting.

Best in User Experience

With Bluehost, Open Source is easy. All of our hosting plans come with an anytime money-back guarantee. Our USA based technical support team is available 24/7 via phone, chat and email. Install your open source project of choice in seconds utilizing SimpleScripts.
Open Source technologies were selected 3:1 more than proprietary technologies for building hosted websites.

- O'Reilly Radar Report, July 2012