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Ever since John Deere produced its first customer magazine in 1895, the world of content marketing has been steadily growing. Companies and individuals pounded out keyword-laden content that was nothing more than prettied-up sales pitches, but soon found that people were tired of being peddled to. And then some organizations discovered the secret to succeeding in an overcrowded sea of content: create interesting articles and blogs that catch readers’ attention and compel them to share.
The readability of your online content is about more than stringing together a few words into cohesive sentences. Readable content not only gets readers to stay and take action on a page, such as sharing or clicking through to your product or service, but makes it easier for search engines to find your article.
While not everyone is a natural-born copywriter destined to create viral campaigns, everyone has the potential to become better at writing web copy. Readable content is essential to user engagement, social shares, and search engine rankings, all of which determines online marketing success. Follow these ten fundamentals to ensure that your online content is easy to read.

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