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In an age where even your grandmother probably has—and knows how to use—a smartphone, you certainly don’t have to be a technological expert to enjoy fun or practical electronic gadgets. But if you’re wondering what to get a techie for Christmas this year, you can pretty much count on their interest in all things “geeky.” Rest assured that there is something on this list for everyone in your life, from the professional to the amateur enthusiast. There’s even something for the family dog!

Ditto Clip

If you know a technie who panics when he or she doesn’t have a cell phone in hand, then the Ditto Clip may be just the ticket to calm those sweaty palms and panicky feelings. Ditto is a tiny, barely noticeable, clip-on device that gently vibrates when incoming texts, emails or calls beckon. And best of all, users tell Ditto whose messages are important. It never needs charging and it’s even waterproof so if you decide to take a dip in the pool, you can leave your cell phone on the deck without worrying that you’ll miss something important. Buy it for about $40 from Simple Matters Products.

Drivemocion LED

Road rage is never a good thing, but once in a while we all wish we could express ourselves better when some yahoo cuts us off in traffic or straddles the center lane for miles on the expressway. Now you have a way to release your frustration without causing an accident or letting the crazies on the road drive you to distraction. The Drivemocion LED car sign has 16 different “emotions” from a warning to get off your bumper to a pleasant “thank you” to the fellow who let you cut in line in the construction zone. The 6.5-inch sign is powered by a remote control with four AA batteries. Find this and other similar car signs at Amazon for $25 to $60.

Motorized Eraser

This one is just for giggles. If you know someone with Peter Pan Sydrome, the Wiggle It Just a Little Bit Motorized Eraser makes a great stocking stuffer. For ten bucks you get a colorful, electric eraser that does all the heavy work for you when you misspell a word and can’t work up the energy to swipe that eraser back and forth to correct the error. It’s priced at just $9.99 at Perpetual Kid.

AfterShockz Wireless Headphones

Want to give the gift of superior sound? AfterShockz wireless bone conduction headphones transfer vibrations through your cheekbones directly to the inner ear without dampening ambient noise from your surroundings. Prices for sport models start around $50. Other styles are available with and without mic and call sending technology.

Vintage Nixie Wood Clock

Keep an eye on the time with a unique bedside clock from ScoutMob where old world charm meets modern technology in a simple but beautiful package. This $200 Vintage Nixie Wood Clock is hand-crafted with hardwood maple and vintage Nixie display tubes which makes it not only easy on the eyes, but it creates a warm and cozy glow in the bedroom. Operates with a 9V adapter (included). A perfectly charming gift for that special someone on your gift giving list.

Smart DX

Kids need technology, too. And Vtech’s Smart DX is the perfect gift to help your budding photographer learn the art of editing photos and videos and sharing them online with friends and family. This smartwatch helps young children learn to tell time while they document their fun and games. Water-resistant features mean your nascent photo bug doesn’t have to worry about spills while they access games, check their calendar for upcoming events or edit their favorite images. Available from in a variety of fun colors starting at $42.

Prep Pad Smart Scale

Every cutting-edge kitchen should be well furnished with tech tools to practice your culinary craft. The Prep Pad Smart Scale is part scale, part nutritional food counselor, and part fitness coach to keep you on track. This device lets you measure, weigh, and count carbs, proteins and calories while tracking nutritional content as you create culinary delights in your home kitchen. Barcoding and manual entry allow you to identify food placed on the scale. Prices range from $80 to $150 depending on retailer.

FitBark Activity Monitor

Pets are people, too! Your four-legged family members deserve something special this year. Help your pet stay healthy and live longer by purchasing the waterproof FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a technology that tracks daily activities and sleep patterns. Use the app to compare health and fitness progress with other canines of similar breed and/or age, set health goals, and track their progress. FitBark retails for $99.95.

iFetch Automatic Ball Thrower

Another pet-centric tech device you can use if your FitBit for dogs tracking shows that your pet could use a bit more exercise is the iFetch automatic ball thrower that keeps your dog active and engaged even when you aren’t at home. Prices start at $115 for small to mid-sized dogs and up to $200 for large breed canines. You’ll also find extra tennis balls and charging adapters at the iFetch shop online.

Sensoria SmartSocks

If you think that socks don’t make a good gift, you clearly haven’t seen Sensoria smartsocks, a device that helps runners identify problems that may be slowing them down. Sensoria technology is designed to improve speed and cadence, access foot landing, and monitor shoe condition to protect the feet and strengthen fitness outcomes. Who knew a sock could do so much? Prices start at $389.
We hope these gift suggestions inspire you with ideas that the techie in your life will love. And don’t forget to give yourself a gift this year, too! If you need help designing your WordPress blog or exploring web hosting services, we have affordable services and products at Bluehost to help you take your website to new levels of reliability and performance. Happy Holidays!

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