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It’s hard enough to find gifts for all your friends and family, but what if someone on your shopping list is a blogger? You know, that ultra creative person who educates, inspires, and informs others about all manner of topics. Gift givers, fear not! Bloggers may be laser-focused individuals, but they also enjoy reading, researching, creating, and, of course, spending a lot of time in front of the computer. We’ve taken all that into account to bring you 10 last-minute gift ideas for the blogger in your life.

For the Travel Blogger

Conferences, workshops, and industry networking events are terrific opportunities for bloggers to meet other social influencers in the field. The catch: attendance can be pricey. So get the travel blogger in your life tickets to TBEX 2017, the largest conference for new media content creators on earth. And if the blogger in your life is in another niche, there are plenty of other conferences for foodies, sports fanatics, and tech reviewers too.

For the Visual Blogger

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

Images inspire and motivate readers. Even if you’re not a photographer, it is almost impossible to have a successful blog today without professional-quality photos. Surprise your blogger with a gift card to a local or online photography shop, or if you prefer to buy the camera yourself, check out the Nikon D5500. Available accessories include tripods, filters, zoom lens, extra storage discs, and much more! If the writer on your list already has a camera that he or she loves, consider a compatible lens, storage case, or extra battery pack.

For the Caffeine-Fueled Blogger

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

Whether they drink Coffee, Diet Coke, or perfectly-steeped organic tea, most bloggers will appreciate a ceramic cup with their logo on it. And a coffee mug with a pound of fresh Colombian or Costa Rican coffee really tells your wordsmith that you love their brand and their content! Last-minute shoppers will appreciate the quick turnaround time that 4imprint offers — some items can be ready for shipment in just three days.

For the Stay-at-Home Blogger

Looking for something special for the stay-at-home blogger, writing in between diaper changes and running the kids to soccer and piano practice? How about the gift of “me” time? A coupon for a trip to a local spa or a one-year subscription to Blue Apron, a service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes directly to your door, shows that you care.  

For the Blogger Who Has Everything

Professional bloggers may already have all the supplies and tech they need to run their business, so a gift card can be a great option. Give them a gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, or their favorite local shop. Many of these retailers provide eGift cards, which means that you don’t even have to brave the long lines and holiday parking hassles to purchase it.

For the Blogger Who’s Ready to Grow

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

Established bloggers who haven’t moved their website to a self-hosting platform may be avoiding it because they think it will be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. Help them take their business to the next level with a one-year subscription to Bluehost.

For the Blogger Who Loves to Write

Amtrak offers an annual #AmtrakResidency in which 24 writers get to take a cross-country train trip to work on their writing projects. Your favorite blogger may not get accepted to this one, but there are plenty of other writing retreats in 2017. These specialized trips offer inspiration, networking, and a place to focus.

For the On-The-Go Blogger

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

Bloggers today write from everywhere — while commuting on the train, subway, or bus; in the local coffee shop; or on a plane headed to an industry conference. The gift of a new tablet or laptop will be appreciated more than you can imagine. The IdeaPad Miix 700, with a 12-inch screen, nine hours of battery life, and watchband hinge and detachable folio keyboard, is perfect for on-the-move writing. If your writer friend already has a laptop, consider gifting him an extra battery, screen shield, or a new carrying case.

For the Coding Blogger

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

Personal and professional skills come with practice and education. If the blogger in your life has expressed an interest in honing her tech skills, finance a coding course to help her expand her knowledge and monetize her website. Many education sites offer e-learning opportunities.

For the Workaholic Blogger

Last-Minute Gifts For the Blogger in Your Life

When you spend your time writing for a living, you know how important a quality, comfortable chair is. The ten chairs on this Digital Trends list got excellent reviews for both comfort and style, so if you want a fixture that sets the tone and mood in your special blogger’s workspace, you can’t go wrong with one of these options.

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