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Just hear that “jingle-ing, ring-ting tingle-ing,” of customers clicking away on your site as they start to shop for the holiday season. During the holidays, people get all their shopping completed and they’re looking for stores that will give them the best deal. This season is the perfect time to have fun with your ecommerce store by decorating it with content that has awesome holiday elements your visitors will love.

Looking to deck out your store for the holidays? Here are three ways you can bring the holiday spirit to your ecommerce site.

1.) Spruce up your site with holiday branding

The end of the year brings plenty of opportunities to have some fun with your brand or company by incorporating festive elements to your ecommerce store. You don’t have to do a holiday overhaul on your site to make customers happy, but incorporating some detailed elements to your site can affect customer sentiment when they are interacting with your site. How a customer engages with your site is often measured in two factors: “communicability,” and “aesthetic.”

Communicability measures how website content can positively or negatively impact consumer perception. This is extremely vital because the text, video, or visual content on your site can influence whether a customer makes a purchase or not. The aesthetic is how the elements of order, balance, and clarity affect customer sentiment. When you are deciding whether to update your theme, logo, or site design, you want to create brand favorability that can entice new customers without deterring your current audience.

A great example of a small holiday touch to a brand that is trendy, but doesn’t alienate users is Google’s annual festive update to their company logo.

A snowflake here and some jingle bells there is an awesome way to get creative with your site design this season. You may have so much fun with adding these touches to your site that you decide to expand by creating holiday-themed content or sales that your users can engage with.

2.) Create holiday content your readers will love

The holiday’s don’t have to create a stress on your online store, you can make your audience smile with festive content to boost sales. The great thing about the holiday season is that there are numerous celebrations to highlight so you aren’t limited in what content you want to create. Content marketing during the holidays allows you to develop high-quality content that can stimulate your visitors using blogs, videos, or social media. It’s an excellent way to engage your visitors by creating timely, holiday-themed content that builds brand awareness and shows your personality.

Here a few examples of the types of holiday content you can add to your ecommerce store:

  • Sales graphics
  • Banners
  • Best Selling Items
  • Markdown items
  • A “Best of 2018,” list

Customers want to be directed to where they can save and get reasonably priced products or services and incorporating holiday content gives you the power to leverage your sales. The end of the year is the perfect time to audit your inventory and create a specialized holiday page that your visitors can easily access. If you don’t have the time to create brand new content, you can repurpose your favorite holiday content from previous years and just update the information. Visitors will love that you are getting into the holiday spirit.

3.) Highlight your favorite products with a holiday gift guide

During this busy season, people want to get their holiday gifts quickly with minimal stress. We all know the dread of fighting shoppers in the mall or camping out till midnight during Black Friday, which is why the online sales are projected to rise 22% during the 2018 holiday season. Online shopping is fast, painless, and users have the benefit of crossing out their gift list from the comfort of their couch. Creating a gift guide is a great marketing tool for small businesses to showcase your products or services in a fun and trendy format.

Some of the best and biggest brands create holiday gift guides to captivate their audiences and boost holiday sales. Writing out a holiday gift guide can increase your SEO and direct your audience to overlooked items or services you want to market. You can create several gift guides based on different themes or categories such as gifts under $10 or your favorite stocking stuffers. If you have a multitude of products or services and don’t know where to start, you can begin by identifying your target audience when writing out your guides and categorizing your products around their interests. You can add personalized touches to your guide by adding holiday-themed photos of a specific product or writing a “thank you,” note to your visitors.

It’s never too late to make your ecommerce site a bit merrier with some interactive and engaging holiday content. Prepare your updates ahead of time so your site will be holiday ready and you can kick back with some eggnog and watch the sales roll in.

How do you plan to deck out your site during the holidays? Let us know below!

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