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Developing a blog and producing high-quality content for social media while running a business at the same time can be a difficult process. As an entrepreneur, knowing a few content marketing tricks can go a long way to not only save hours of your time but also to grow your business with minimum effort. Most small businesses hesitate to invest in a content marketing strategy since it can be a very time-consuming process. Although, it’s actually one of the most effective strategies you can use to grow your business as it brings 3 times as many leads and costs 62% less than other traditional marketing strategies. If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your time and get better results out of your content marketing efforts, here are a few tricks you should follow.

Set Specific Goals

All your content marketing efforts will go to waste if you don’t work toward a specific set of goals. To consistently grow your business, you need to work to achieve the right goals. For example, choose a set of goals that promote growth instead of achievements. Instead of creating a content plan to get 1000 visitors per day to your blog, create content that generates 1000 leads per month.

The key to reaching these goals and sustaining your business growth is to measure the content marketing ROI (return on investment) of your campaigns. And yes, even the ROI of your blog posts can be measured.
Collect and analyze your content marketing ROI and upgrade your content plan goals at least quarterly to keep your business growing throughout the year and product the content with a purpose.

Repurpose Old Content

After spending hours creating a great blog post, don’t just publish it and forget about it. There’s much more you can do with that blog post. Make the most of every piece of content you create by creating different types of content out of them. Use your blog posts to create short YouTube videos, infographics, and social media posts. Republish your blog posts on other platforms like LinkedIn and Medium to reach new audiences. Tools such as Infogram lets you create beautiful infographics without any graphic design knowledge.

Another great way to repurpose your blog posts is to create slideshows highlighting the key points of your article. Then you can share the slideshow on a platform like Slideshare, which generates over 80 million visitors per month, to get more traffic to your website. Rather than creating 5 blog posts every week, why not create 2 great blog posts and convert them to 5 different content formats? It’ll help you save the time that goes into producing new content and get the most out of your existing content.

Segment Your Email Lists

When you’re using your content to generate leads and grow your email list, many different types of people will subscribe to your list and become potential customers. As your list gets bigger, it will get more difficult for you to target specific audiences through your email campaigns. The solution to this problem is to implement proper email list segmentation.

With list segmentation, you can save a great amount of time by easily creating effective email campaigns targeting specific groups of people. For example, you can create list segments to separate returning customers vs. first-time visitors to send different email campaigns to both audiences to increase open rates and conversions. Instead of wasting your time creating email campaigns that nobody wants to open, you can use list segments to get more results out of every single email you send to your subscribers.

Use The Right Automation Tools

When it comes to content marketing and saving time, the first thing that comes to your mind is automation tools. Tools like Buffer and HootSuite makes it possible for even the busiest people to keep an active post schedule on their social media channels. But, which tool is best for your business?
Finding the perfect automation tool to schedule posts for your social media accounts will help you make the most of your money and efforts.

For example, some automation tools like CoSchedule automatically reschedules your posts to send them to your Twitter and Facebook pages repeatedly for better reach. Also, remember to schedule your posts at the right times to get the best results. More importantly, don’t let your automation tools do all the work. Login to your social accounts at least once a day to reply to your customers and connect with your audience.

Find Your Own Narrative

When producing content, whether it’s a blog post, an email newsletter, or a Tweet, always use your own approach. Create a unique voice for your brand that makes your audience instantly recognize your content no matter where they appear. Using your own narrative to tell stories is a great hack you can use to connect with your audience through your content. You don’t always have to be funny either. Empathy is actually much stronger than humor. Use it whenever appropriate to create more engaging content.

Of course, there are many other tricks and strategies to getting better results from content marketing. You can use online tools like Canva to quickly create graphics for your social media posts and use services such as Beacon to convert your blog posts into eBooks to use as lead magnets.
The important thing to remember is to never stop experimenting with new strategies. Also, gather data and learn about your audience. It’s the only way to create better content for your audience.

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