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Summer is a time when people spend most of their time outdoors. Surprisingly, that doesn’t stop them from shopping online. In fact, the summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year for eCommerce businesses and online retailers.The main reason for this sales boost is the number of special holidays you come across all throughout the summer.
The clothing and fashion retailers aren’t the only businesses that generate the most revenue during the warm season. Other eCommerce business can also leverage the season to boost sales.
If you’re looking for new ways to boost your sales this season and grow sales, we have a few strategies that will help drive your revenue through the roof.

Get started early in the Spring

A great strategy you can use to get more attention to your promotions during the summer is to get started early in building traffic and growing your email list in the spring. Produce more blog posts, publish a few guest posts on other blogs, increase your subscribers, and build more awareness for your upcoming summer promotions.
For example, you can setup a new popup message with a countdown to your special summer deals and let people subscribe to your email list to get notified to grab the deals early.
This strategy will allow you to grow a list of qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your summer deals and sales ahead of time. You’ll be able to convert more leads into customers without any effort.

Leverage the special holidays

The summer is not just about beach trips and barbeques. The season is also filled with lots of special holidays. Especially in May, you’ll come across many of special events and celebrations, including the Mother’s Day, baby day, national barbecue day, Star Wars day, clean up your room day, and more.
Use these special celebrations to promote your products and attract more attention to your services. This is also where your email list segments will come to help.
For example, May is the Older Americans Month (also known as the Senior Citizen Month) that celebrates the seniors and encourage them to engage in activities. You can use your list segments to craft special emails to target senior citizens or their families to share tips and advice on finding activities to do with seniors.  

Do a summer clearance sale

Do you still have stock left from your winter clothing line? It’s not too late to clear out that old inventory. Do a summer clearance sale with unbelievable prices and people will flock to your online store to grab the deals. People are smart enough to prepare for upcoming seasons and events ahead of time and they won’t hesitate to grab a great deal when they see one.
Summer is a great time to get rid of all your old products and items. Even if you run a SaaS business, you can use a clearance sale to grab people’s attention or promote one of your low performing products with a special discount.

Hold contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love contests and giveaways. Anyone would jump at a chance to win something for free. And there’s no bad time to do a giveaway or a contest.
For example, you can run a social media contest by asking people to share their summer vacation photos. Or ask to share one of your posts as much as they can. Give away a one-year subscription to your app or ship a product to the winner.
It works great for two reasons: 1. It will practically cost you nothing if you giveaway a copy of your own product. 2. You get a massive amount of publicity, for free!

Team up with influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most overlooked methods of promotions available today, especially if you’re targeting the younger generation. In fact, surveys show that 70% of millennials prefer to receive product recommendations from bloggers and influencers.
If you already have an influencer network, the summer is a great time to tap into this network to promote your products. Get some of your influencers to show off your products in real-life videos, ask them to use your new barbeque sauce in their camping trips, wear your new summer clothing line, or take your portable speaker on their beach trips.
Focus on engaging platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 60% of Instagram users admit to learning about a product or a service from the platform. take advantage and start selling.

Launch an email marketing campaign

The summer is also a great time to start an email marketing campaign. Even if you don’t have special deals or offers for the summer, you can still take advantage of the season to grow your email list and promote your services and products.
For example, you can put together a new lead magnet to grab the attention of your website visitors this season and convert them into subscribers. You can create a list of activities they can do during the holidays or craft a special gift guide for Mother’s Day.
Or, you can create a series of emails to remind people about tricks and hacks for getting the most out of their holidays and vacation trips. Think outside the box and find creative ways to get people’s attention.

In conclusion

With the help of these tactics, you’ll not only be able to boost sales and revenue, but you’ll also be able to prove that summer is actually a great time to generate more revenue.
Of course, you don’t have to wait until summertime to get started on promoting your products and services. With a little bit of customization, these strategies will work throughout many seasons of the year.

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