9 Trends for 2019

Small business owners, bloggers, and web developers can leverage the power of trends to make their websites excel. Being knowledgeable about future trends reflects how conscious you are of the changing dynamics of social media, content, themes, video, and business. When you plan for upcoming trends in the market, you are already setting your site up for success.

Have you researched what trends can be used for your site this year? Here are the 9 trends that can change the success of a website in 2019.


1. Social listening- For people looking to leverage the power of social media through online selling, social listening will be a key for growth. Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations for mention of a brand or keyword. The benefits of social listening include finding new clients, improving customer service, and creating targeted, high converting ads. In 2019, this will be important for marketers aiming to leverage lead generation tactics and increase their social selling skills.

2. Micro-influencers- Businesses want an authentic voice that engages with audiences on a deeper level and are seeking micro-influencers to help build brand trust. Micro-influencers usually have followings of 10,000 people or less and are often considered experts in their fields. Using micro-influencers in 2019 can be a great step towards creating a valuable relationship with a representative that your audience can trust because of their authentic voice.


3. Content marketing personalization- Content marketing personalization will excel because studies show consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that supply offers and recommendations specifically for them. Personalization changes marketing tactics from communication to conversation which cements better long-term relationships with customers. There are numerous programs that can help you track customer purchases and history to customize their individual experience on your site.

4. Chatbots- Time is of the essence when you are managing a website, and nothing will save you time like adding a chatbot to interact with your customers. Chatbots have become the artificial intelligence technology that users enjoy and has the ability to increase your customer engagement. Chatbots can be used for frequently asked questions (FAQ) and for answering open-ended questions with natural language that is friendly for customers.


5. Storytelling in micro-moments- The increasing power of smartphones is propelling retailers to develop effective content marketing strategies using micro-moments. Popular social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat have limited time allotments which can encourages users to create videos that can be edgy and intimate for any audience. These micro-moments can be used to share a product reveal or a behind the scenes look at how a small business operates. Social storytelling will continue to be on the rise as brands aim for higher metrics and audience retention by creating shorter videos that connect with their customers.

6. Live-streaming- If you are wanting to change your video marketing skills for 2019, live-streaming is an effective way to engage with your audience. Live-streaming is all about having a conversation with your audience and interacting directly with customers by discussing a product or key topics of your business. This has become a go-to marketing tactic for 2019 because live video’s allows you to strengthen your brand message, boost your site SEO, and has the ability to go viral.

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7. Gutenberg- If you haven’t tried the newest editor to the WordPress platform, you should. The blocks have arrived! These customizable blocks will create an easier building experience for any user looking to create a website. The versatility of the block structure allows users to organize content visually and textually to create dynamic posts. Gutenberg is the first of the four phase evolution on the WordPress platform which will continue to create an innovative editing experience for users.

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8. Cybersecurity- You can start your new year off on the right foot by learning about the tools for WordPress site security. As the internet continues to expand, keeping your website safe from hackers is important for success. The increase of internet access on smartphones has made users more susceptible to cyber attacks and online threats at a rate that puts many companies at risk. Researching and finding the best cybersecurity for your site is important for preventing any data breaches and keeping customer information safe.

9. Subscription e-Commerce- A new trend that is impacting e-Commerce businesses is implementing subscription services that delivers products to the doorstep of their customers. The rise of subscription boxes over the past few years has caused companies to expand their services and rethink marketing tactics for selling online goods. In 2019, adding a subscription box to your e-Commerce site can help build customer loyalty and increase revenue. You can be innovative with your packaging, unveil new products, and use the versatility of the monthly service to mix and match the contents of the box.

Having the ability to use trends to optimize your site and attract new visitors can create more traffic and potential sales in the future. What trend are you excited about this year?

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