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There is nothing like turning the page of a book and getting lost in a good story. In the age of vast technology and eReaders galore, Eborn Books is bringing customers a vast array of new, used, old, rare, and out-of-print books that illuminate the world of reading. When Bret and Cindy Eborn started Eborn Books in 1983 they could have never anticipated they would become Utah’s largest bookstore. This book lover’s paradise has become a mainstay for locals and tourists who love to immerse themselves in the winding bookshelves of their numerous retail locations.

As the oldest bookstore and retailer in Utah, Eborn has compiled over half a million titles in stock that provide endless options for any customer who walks through the door. A unique aspect of Eborn’s business is that the majority of their inventory is supplied by 80% consignments. This means that most of the book inventory is made up of books from private collectors and booksellers. Consignment remains a mainstay of Eborn Books and contributes to the multitude of topics, genres, and categories they are able to provide for their customers. 

Whether you are walking through the shelves at their store or searching through their online database, they provide easy access to the rarest of books with just a click of a button. Since Eborn first opened its doors in 1983 they’ve prided themselves on being able to offer customers a wide selection of material whether that’s an antique book or their favorite comic books like X-Men or Star Wars. While Bluehost visited their retail location, Bret and Cindy shared that they had a National Geographic Magazine collection that spans over 100 years. They even gave us the National Geographic Magazine’s that were published during the month and year of our birth which provided us with a memorable keepsake from our visit. These are just a few of the many attributes of the historical store that keeps attracting visitors year round.

Eborn also supports local authors by offering them the opportunity to submit their manuscripts for local publishing through their imprint Shady Hill Press. The world of print and publishing continues to evolve and Eborn has begun to transition many of their in store offerings to eCommerce which has expanded their customer base. As they continue to service customers at their retail locations and online, they remain committed to providing competitive pricing and providing customers with access to coveted titles they’ll want to add to their library.
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