How To Assess Your Web Hosting Needs

A website is often the first point of contact between potential customers and your business. Whether it is simply a landing page with contact information or a more complicated site that interacts with users, a good website can build consumer confidence and increase your sales. An accurate assessment can help you get the services you need without paying for extras that are unnecessary.

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Budget Your Time

You have a lot more flexibility in your choice of web hosts if you have a dedicated IT department or web guru. Your expert has the knowledge and time to design and maintain the various features of your website. However, a shared server web host that offers numerous shortcuts can save time and effort if you are not able or willing to dedicate substantial amounts of time to your website. Programs such as an HTML editor let you input and format text without knowing how to use a programming language. Page templates can usually be customized, and they do not require you to start from scratch to design a web page. Another useful feature is a file uploader so that you can upload photos and brochures from your company’s files without needing to redo the ones you have.

Estimate the Storage Space that You Need

Getting enough storage space through whichever web host you choose is a non-issue for most business websites. If you simply have a blog and some text content, such as an “about” page, you are unlikely to run out of space and should not need to pay extra to meet your needs. Space can be a concern for the following types of websites.

  • E-commerce sites with extensive images of products
  • Sites that store abundant quantities of user information
  • Music stores that store numerous MP3 files for customers to download
  • Sites with Flash player files or PDF documents

If you need extra space, you can contact the web host that you are considering using and ask how much they charge for additional space.

List the Functions You Need

Web hosting companies that offer to host your site on shared servers often have easy-to-use widgets and plugins that allow you to customize your site easily. They can, for example, aid your site in serving as a hub for your entire online presence by linking to your Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin account, and other social media accounts. Other features include providing you with business email addresses, displaying interactive polls and discussion forums, and allowing you to maintain a blog on your website. If you do not need advanced features, a free server might be adequate. If you have an IT expert at your disposal, you might not need your web host to provide these ready-to-use features at the touch of a button.

Consider Technical Support

As in many other areas of web hosting, web hosts that operate shared servers provide the right level of technical support for many businesses. They often offer technical support 24 hours a day via phone or live chat to assist with website design and maintenance. Free servers might have little to no support, while dedicated servers may require you to rely on the experts in your own IT department.

Predict The Volume of Traffic

The bandwidth of your site determines the number of site visitors, or volume of traffic, that your website can support at one time. It is measured in megabytes or gigabytes, and reflects the amount of data transfer that occurs simultaneously. Your needs increase if you receive many visitors at once, if your site is larger, and if your visitors are downloading large amounts of data because of actions such as downloading audio files or streaming video. You also need your site to be reliable; if down time means loss of business, a dedicated server may be the best option.

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