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Starting and maintaining a website can seem like a lot of work – especially if you’re doing it all on your own. Getting tips from others on how they got started and what they’ve learned along the way can make the process feel a lot more manageable.
For our latest “Behind The Website” installment, we chose Bluehost customer Dessi, a self-employed graphic designer who uses her website,, to showcase her work to potential clients. Check out our interview with her to learn how she got started, how she built her website, what she’s learned, and more.

How did you get started once you decided to build your website?
I knew I wanted to use WordPress because it’s quick and easy to setup and it’s very user-friendly when it comes to creating new pages and posts. I just needed to find the perfect theme that was going to suit my needs. I picked my favorite 10 themes, then narrowed it down to five, then my top two. Then I explored carefully each one’s demo versions and bought the one I loved the most.
What are your favorite plugins or scripts?
My favorite scripts is the one-click WordPress script install offered by Bluehost. At my previous job I had to use other web hosting companies and I had to install WordPress manually and it was a very laborious and confusing process (especially changing the wp-config.php file), but with Bluehost the process took a couple of minutes and before I knew it, I had a website database ready to go. I’ve used Bluehost ever since for all of my WordPress websites.
What tools or resources helped you the most?
In terms of tools, mostly plugins offered through WordPress and in terms of resources – specific tutorials from the WordPress theme creator.
What was your biggest challenge in building your website?
Biggest challenge was not knowing php and wanting to change some things about the theme I had purchased. But going to the forum and reading other people’s questions and comments helped me figure out how to modify some of the CSS styles and get the results I was hoping for.
What’s your favorite part of your website?
That it works on all devices without distorting/stretching my images. It looks great on a desktop, an iPad, and an iPhone. The theme came with a responsive design, so viewing on mobile devices still looks good while preserving the look and feel of the desktop version of the site.
What do you wish you did better?
I wish I’ve been better about adding my alternative text to my images in order to improve my SEO
What new web trends are you excited about?
I’m very interested in mobile trends and eager to see where website design for mobile devices goes next.
What’s next for your site?
Keep it up to date by adding more samples of my work. Maybe even add a blog section, where I can feature works in progress or talk about design rules, principals and trends.
Who would you love to have answer these questions?
Other self-employed professionals, bloggers and small startup businesses.
What advice do you have for someone getting started?
Use WordPress themes and the one-click WordPress script install. Setup is quick and easy and the backend is very user-friendly.
Thanks to Dessi for letting us get behind her website. Don’t forget to check it out at

The Behind the Website series lets us learn how real-life Bluehost customers run their websites. From how they got started to their favorite web tools, we ask some of our best customers to share the story behind their websites. Have someone you want to see featured? Send us an email.
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