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Bluehost wouldn’t be what it is today without our loyal customers. And our customers have some pretty awesome websites! That’s why we’ve started a new blog series, “Behind The Website.” In it we’ll be not only showcasing customer websites, but we’ll offer an inside look at how they got started, how they built their website, what they’ve learned, and more.
To help introduce this new series, we chose our young customer  Josh to show just how easy it is to start a website once you have that golden idea. Josh is only 15 years old – a sophomore in high school – and already has started his own art business and online presence! We interviewed him to get the whole story.

What’s your site about? What does it do?
It’s a website for my art business called Josuart. I create custom caricatures for people for any occasion. I also create t-shirt and logo designs.
Where’d you get the idea? 
During art class in 9th grade last year I started doing caricatures for fun. Then people wanted to pay me to draw them. I got the idea from that to start my own business and I realized that a website would be a good way for people to see examples of my artwork.
What platform is your website built on?
What tools or resources helped you the most? 
Checking out tutorials on YouTube was helpful to get started.
What’s your favorite part of your website? 
I love to draw and it’s pretty cool to tell people they can see my drawings on my own website. They’re usually pretty surprised when they hear a 15 year old has his own site with custom artwork.
Where do you prefer to work on your site? 
On a laptop at home.
What new web trends are you excited about? 
I like that WordPress makes it so I can create a site because I don’t know how to code html.
Do you use social media? Why? 
I use Facebook and Instagram so more people can see my art. I shared some caricatures on Instagram of the Duck Dynasty guys that I drew and that got a lot of attention.
What’s next for your site?
I’m going to try some new themes that display my artwork better.
What advice do you have for someone getting started? 
Start simple, and just dive in and play around with it. Checking out YouTube tutorials can be helpful.
Thanks to Josh for letting us get behind his website. Don’t forget to check it out at

The Behind the Website series lets us learn how real-life Bluehost customers run their websites. From how they got started to their favorite web tools, we ask some of our best customers to share the story behind their websites. Have someone you want to see featured? Send us an email.

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