Bluehost Blog Gets a New Domain

Get out the boxes and packing tape. We’re moving.
After years of living at, we’re transitioning to Our old domain will remain live during the migration.
The availability of .blog, a previously unused top-level domain (TLD), was announced earlier this year by Automattic, the company behind “Just like .com before it, .blog is clear and accessible, and it creates millions of fresh, new options for naming your blog,” wrote Mark Armstrong, who oversees Automattic’s communications projects, on the blog in May. “It’s the perfect place to build your home on the web.”
This game-changing news hit more than a year after the rights to register the TLD were sold for nearly $20 million.
Automattic plans to make the TLD available to everyone by the end of 2016. Trademark owners, like Bluehost, were able to pick up .blog in August. Early applicants will have access in October. You can get updates on the release by signing up here.
And in case you missed it, we recently blogged about the three reasons why you should try a non-traditional TLD.

  1. It’s more cost-effective than finding the right .com. As of this summer, more than 127 million .coms have been registered. That means that the number of available .com domains is limited, causing a price hike. A new TLD can circumvent the expense.
  2. Branding is easier when you use a new TLD. Instead of searching for hours to find an available .com, you can immediately secure a domain that matches your business identity.
  3. There are SEO benefits. Web crawlers — and your visitors — know exactly what to expect when they see your domain, whether your TLD is .blog, .salon, or .pizza.

So in the end, we’re just taking our own advice. Stay tuned for more updates on our big move!

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