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–This is a guest post by Robert Van Dam, a Bluehost Developer and organizer for the event–
The Christmas Pull Request Hackathon last week, December 17th was a huge success!  We had 40 people in attendance during the day including 6 outside visitors.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and participate in contributing to open source projects.  If you weren’t able to attend, hopefully you can attend next time (to be announced).

You can see a cache of the final results here:

The source code used to generate that page is also available on github here: (because not sharing it would be kind of ironic )

How many pull requests?

We recorded 61 pull requests submitted to github by 22 people.  Of those, 49 pull requests had already been accepted and merged by the time we wrapped up.  Those 61 pull requests touched 69904 lines of code (counting both additions and deletions).
During the day, Jason Hall (Jayceh) pointed out that those who were making changes to their own projects were often just pushing changes rather than making a formal pull request so we decided to count those as well (but they won’t affect the prizes).  We tracked 140 pushes to github by 28 people.  Some of those pushes triggered pull requests so there’s some overlap but it’s great to see that even more people pushed a change.

Here’s a few pictures from the day (sorry for the poor lighting, if you ever want to get attacked by a group of developers, just turn on the overhead lights).
Here is a partial list of github projects that were positively impacted by the hackathon (sorry if you’re favorite isn’t listed here):
Open sourced versions of Bluehost code:

The prizes

$50 Prize

Most Pull Requests Opened (12)
Brennan Davis (aka davis1410)

$35 Prize

Most Pull Requests Merged (9)

Jason Terry (aka oaxlin)

$20 Prize

Largest Pull Requests (56957 lines)

Garth Mortensen (aka voldemortensen)

$10 Prize

Most Pull Requests Opened by a Non-Endurance Employee (2)


(Note that Brennan also had the most pull requests merged but we had a limit of one prize per person.)

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We look forward to having even more people attend at the next hackathon!

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