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We’ve been talking a lot this week about OSCON and our commitment to open source. In addition to partnering with open source developers and projects, We strive to give back to the open source community by supporting efforts that make a difference. This morning during our keynote address at OSCON, we announced our continued support for Code for America with a donation of over $250,000!

What is Code for America?

Code for America is an organization with a mission to change the way cities function; a movement to help local governments keep pace with their citizens and stay connected through new open source tools and technologies. With the help of donations, they support teams of local volunteers, full-time fellows, and cities dedicated to improving how they serve their communities.
To paint a picture of just how much they accomplish, check out this video we created highlighting the work Code for America is making possible in Oakland, California.

Getting Involved

No matter your politics, government affects everyone. Bluehost strongly supports Code for America’s mission to make it better, and we strongly believe open source can make a difference. In addition to our $250,000 donation, as a premium diamond sponsor of OSCON 2013, we dedicated our keynote address toward raising awareness about Code for America with the open source community. We’re challenging other companies to match our donation and we’ve challenged all OSCON attendees to stop by the Bluehost booth and tweet #weC4A to spread awareness and get involved.

There are several ways you can make a difference. In addition to spreading the word, join Bluehost and contribute, encourage your company to make a substantial donation, volunteer at a local brigade, or even apply to become a full-time fellow for one year!
Code for America isn’t about politics – they aim to improve government, and open source is able to make a unique difference. Join Bluehost in supporting Code for America. Stop by our OSCON booth (#501) and send a tweet! You’ll get a #weC4A button just for spreading the word!

Didn’t make it to OSCON but still want to get in on the fun? Enter our Facebook contest by submitting an idea for a Code for America project and you could win a Bluehost Swag Pack full of stuff only available at OSCON 2013! Enter here:

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