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Recently, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and will soon come before the Senate. CISPA will, in its current form, allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between U.S. government and certain tech and manufacturing entities.  CISPA is concerning to some due to its lack of limits on how and when the government may use the law to access private information. We know that many of our customers, partners and other parties are interested to know Bluehost’s stance on the bill.
Bluehost’s official statement on CISPA is as follows:
“Bluehost appreciates and supports the need for cybersecurity.  However, Bluehost also believes that respect for privacy rights is critical to a free and open society.  As a provider of web solutions, our customers have entrusted Bluehost with their personal and business information.  Bluehost takes its responsibility for the security of this information seriously.  In its current form, CISPA would make it very difficult for Bluehost to establish clear guidelines as to when information must be shared with the government.  This is deeply troubling for both Internet companies like Bluehost and the customers they serve.  Legislation around cybersecurity and the Internet should be crafted through a multi-stakeholder process that more appropriately balances security with the right to privacy.  For these reasons, Bluehost opposes CISPA and urges Congressional leaders to include all stakeholders in the cybersecurity dialogue.”
We encourage our customers to do their own research on CISPA and participate in discussions at their discretion. If you have any questions about Bluehost’s stance on CISPA, feel free to email us.

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