Bluehost Announces 2018 Scholarship Winners

In May, Bluehost began accepting submissions for the 2018 Internet in Education Scholarship. Three students were selected to receive $1,500 in scholarship funds, plus a year of free Basic Shared Hosting. Entries were judged on overall concept, creativity, and originality. Winners were chosen based on the following prompt:

If you could start an online business, what type of business would you start? Who would be your target audience? Tell us why you would be interested in starting this business? How would you market your product or service online?

We are excited to announce our three scholarship winners:

Tina Harper-Ricks is a student at State University of Brockport and pitched an amazing business that would help domestic violence victims escape abusive relationships through a top-secret app. This business idea has the ability to protect victims by connecting them to crisis counselors and resources via cell phone. Tina has a goal to help 10,000 families and wants to use her degree in social work to help her get there.

Alani Mason-Callaway is a student at Wheaton College and pitched a business that would allow young people to learn different languages faster than ever before. We asked Alani why learning to speak different languages was important to her. She said, “At fifteen, I taught myself as many languages as I could. I kept notebooks for thirteen languages, studying with books and online lessons. In school, I breezed through advanced Spanish classes; I finished workbooks over the summer and worked ahead all year.” Alani hopes to teach school-age children languages faster than ever before with her app.

Brejenn Allen is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has already started her business, Happy P’ Jappies Designer Hospital Gowns. Her business focuses on providing stylist hospital gowns that are shipped all over the world. 

When asked what inspired her to start this business, Brejenn said, “I started Happy P’ Jappies because my father had a massive stroke and had no choice but to wear ugly hospital gowns. Now, I am able to ship my gowns all over the world; from Africa to Chicago.”

For more information on the scholarship, review our scholarship announcement.

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