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Bluehost is proud to be a diamond sponsor of OSCON 2012, one of the world’s largest and most influential conferences in support of Open Source. OSCON runs all week (July 16-20) and we’ll be posting regular conference updates as well as making a couple super special announcements.
And even if you can’t visit our booth (#501) to play us in friendly game of Ping Pong, you can still win great prizes! Simply like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @bluehost for conference updates and to learn how you can win t-shirts, flash drives, or even free hosting accounts!
At Bluehost, we’re committed to Open Source. In fact, our entire company is built on it.  Our data center depends on it, our headquarters runs on it, and our customer’s hosting accounts include complete access to the world’s best open source platforms. So to help give back, we’ve sponsored OSCON 2012 and we are launching several new initiatives:

Announcing our new open source landing page. From here we’ll announce open source projects, promote open source partnerships, share valuable resources, promote open source events, and much more.

What is it? Simply put, BOSS is a special program designed from the ground up to better leverage Bluehost in helping open source projects succeed. Stay tuned as we reveal more over the course of the conference!

•Ping Pong Lounge
Come visit us at booth #501. We’re thrilled to meet other developers and companies committed to open source. And if you have any ideas on how Bluehost can help open source thrive, we’re all ears! We’ve got great prizes and gear to give away and we even brought a world-class Ping Pong table! Play with friends, try to beat our robot, or even play against a Bluehost player for the chance to win great prizes like a free year of web hosting!

• Sponsored Talks
If you’re at OSCON this year, make sure to attend these great sessions.

Sponsored Keynote

Open Source: A Recipe For Success
John Mone
9:30am Thursday, 07/19/2012 – Portland Ballroom

Sponsored Sessions

Open Source in the Enterprise: Telecommunications and Contact Centers
Jared Smith
10:40am Thursday, 07/19/2012 – E142

Open Source in the Enterprise: Billing and Payment Processing Systems
Jason Hall
11:30am (PST) Wednesday, 7/18/12 – E141

OSCON 2012 looks to be a great conference. We’re excited to be a part of it! Come visit us if you’re in Portland, and follow us @bluehost and ‘like’ our Facebook page to stay tuned from anywhere in the world.