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I write and curate content for Bluehost. I hope this blog post is helpful.
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At Bluehost, we’ve always believed that our greatest resource is our hardworking staff. Whether they’re helping you get your website started, guiding you through a technical issue, or building your server, we know we couldn’t do anything we do without a devoted and talented team. And because we like everyone so much, we want you to get to know them! Bluehost Staff Spotlight gives you a look behind the scenes and introduces you to the people that make Bluehost happen. Meet Trijsten:

 What do you do at Bluehost?
I’m a floor manager on the Outbound Sales team.
Where are you from?
Santa Cruz, California
What do you do for fun?
I love sailing. Weather permitting, I go once a week. I also like to bike, hike and swim.
What are some interesting things about you?
I was born almost three months early. I once rode my bicycle from San Francisco to L.A.
Mac or PC?
Both. I run a small art business and use Mac for a lot of art-related stuff. PCs are also awesome.
How long have you worked at Bluehost?
I’ve worked at Bluehost for 14 months.
What’s the number one thing you’ve learned in your current role?
I have learned that hard work pays off and that has helped me to learn how to lead other people.
What do you want to learn more about?
I started my first website a few months ago. I would like to learn more about website design. What a perfect opportunity to be able to do so here at Bluehost.
Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?
That’s a tough question. Luke is a Jedi and has the force and all, but I think I will have to go with Han Solo. He doesn’t complain as much as Luke and he’s just rad.
What trends in web technology are you excited about?
I am still blown away by how much information is so readily available on the web. When it comes to web technology, I am excited about cloud computing. I also like that we are able to sync our different devices to other existing devices. I like having access to phone directories, planners, calendars, etc.
What’s your favorite tech gadget (or one you have on your wish list)?
I would have to say my phone. I just updated to a smart phone a year ago and it does so much. I would like to get a tablet for reading and keeping notes in the near future but for now my phone has been pretty reliable.
What’s your favorite thing about working at Bluehost?
I love the atmosphere and the possibilities. Bluehost takes care of its employees and I enjoy coming to work each day.
What do you wish more people knew about Bluehost?
I wish that more people knew how valuable a product Bluehost hosting really is. In no other place can you get the same quality of hosting, tech support, online tools and reliability at the price we offer for our services. I refer my friends here because we offer the best product.
What is your No. 1 recommendation to new Bluehost customers?
Take advantage of all the tools. Get started right away and if you need help call us up and we will help you! So many people sign up and don’t make a real effort to build a site or they underutilize the tools we offer to have a successful online presence. Use the resources we offer!
Thanks to Trijsten and the hard work he puts in daily at Bluehost headquarters. Need help? Give us a call! Who knows, you might get to talk to Trijsten!

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