WordPress Plugins: Admin Menu Editor

Here at Bluehost, we love WordPress. So we’re always looking great new tools and plugins that can help our clients better utilize their WordPress websites and blogs. One of the plugins we recommend is the Admin Menu Editor. This great tool allows users to customize the Dashboard menu. It gives users free reign to organize a their admin menu, hide menu items that may cause problems, add additional menu items, and more!

Organize menu items

With Admin Menu Editor, you can organize your menu items any way you like. With the drag and drop feature and an alphabetical sub-menu sort feature, it’s easy to to organize otherwise cramped “Settings” menus.

Edit existing menus and create new ones

It’s now easier than ever to edit menu titles, window titles, etc. Admin Menu Editor allows edits to top-level menus and icon URLs, CSS classes, and HTML ID. In addition, you can create new menu items from scratch and link them either to an admin page or an external URL.

Change menu access settings

By changing the required permissions associated with a menu, you can determine who is given access to that particular menu. For example, you can assign a menu to be accessible only to “administrators” so that no other user role can use it. (For a full list of roles and capabilities in the WordPress Codex visit: http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities)

Additional features

  • Create new menu separators.
  • “Partially hiding” a menu. Make menu invisible but keep it accessible by URL.
  • Move sub-menu items to other menus.
  • Copy and paste menu items.

Click here to download Admin Menu Editor.