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The Internet is a magnificent tool, which can help you reach the world to share your business, products, and ideas. Here at Bluehost we power over two million small business websites around the world.
But how do you come up with an idea for a business and where do you get started? In this blog post, we wanted to highlight one our customers, JJ Suspenders, who had those same questions and investigate how they started their business.
JJ Suspenders is a boutique retailer that was established in September 2014, specializing in high quality suspenders for men. They are committed to providing an amazing selection of the best possible suspenders that you can find all while making their customers feel confident, classy and authentic.
Men care about style now than ever and have to consistently develop new styles to keep up with demand. In the near future they are interested in developing a range of tough-to-find products for the stylish, confident man and continuing to build our product line based on feedback from their customers.
“It’s really important to look at your own skills when deciding on a business idea and stick to something that you know. In the early stages, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we had experience in e-commerce and building websites.
We then had to find a good product that has demand, and is better than what’s easily available on the market currently. Spend a day or two on Google Keyword tool looking at search volumes and ask yourself, “What are people searching for?” Brainstorm any and every idea you can think of.”
Once you determine there’s demand for your product, take a look at your competitors. Study what they’re selling and figure out ways you can compete OTHER than price. Competing on price is not a great plan, so try to find an edge by fighting on quality.
JJ Suspenders has had a great team to help them build their company quickly. Google Keywords was mandatory for the idea discovery process. Shopify was selected as their go-to e-commerce solution. “Elance/ODesk/UpWork have been a major part of our success, allowing us to outsource repetitive tasks, freeing up time for us to grow the business.” But they couldn’t forget Bluehost.
“Bluehost is our go to hosting company. It’s important to have a reliable provider when you need it. Anytime we have an issue, I’m able to get in touch with support within a few minutes and they’re insanely smart.
That’s the number one reason why I’ve recommended them to a number of my own personal friends. You can get live chat for any issue you might be having on your website, and within minutes you’re connected with someone insanely smart who can walk you through the fix.
Compare this to some other hosting providers with atrocious customer support. Bluehost support has walked us through probably 100+ issues over the years that I would have probably needed to hire a developer for.”
JJ Suspenders is just one example of how with the power of the Internet, you can take your idea, and easily turn it into a business. Do you have an idea for a business but don’t know where to start? We’d love to talk about it with you and show you how we can get your business going and growing with the power of Bluehost.
Call us for a free business consultation with one of our small business experts at +1 888 401 4678.

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