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If I want to build a website, but can’t code, is WordPress for me?

Yes! WordPress is for everyone regardless of skill level. WordPress is a free, open source content management system (CMS) that is functional for beginners or pros wanting to manage and build their own site. As an open source project, users build and maintain the CMS from all over the world. WordPress offers free components and functions to optimize your website whether you’re a web developer looking to market a service or an aspiring entrepreneur ready to launch a business.

Imagine having the website of your dreams with all the support, tools, and functions literally available at your fingertips. Perhaps you are a cook looking to build your restaurant website and want to feature captivating photos of your food and your menu…WordPress can do that for you!

What you have the ability to create is only limited by your imagination, not your coding knowledge.

With WordPress, creating and managing your website is achievable because it provides users with tools for every step of the building process. Here are our top five reasons why WordPress should be your CMS of choice.

1.) WordPress is free for everyone thanks to open source

WordPress is 100% free for anyone to use, all you need is a domain name and a web host to start. The contributors that have dedicated their time to WordPress are passionate, inclusive, and remain integral to keeping WordPress free and open for use by anyone.

Community support is the foundation of how WordPress is managed, built, and updated. WordPress users are provided with resources to discuss troubleshooting issues or to network within community forums. Each member plays a large role in not only managing the platform but providing users with accessible and free components to improve their sites.

You bring the content, and WordPress will enhance it with hundreds of free themes that are available to you.

2.)  Designing just became simpler with amazing theme selections

When you begin your WordPress journey, you are provided with a default theme for your website until you find a design that you like. Free themes are available for any user looking to improve the visual aesthetic of their site, no coding required. In addition to free options, WordPress features popular and premium themes with various features to enhance your site.

A theme changes the design of your website with a multitude of options for different layouts, colors, and features. These themes have details about their functionality along with ratings and reviews from other users, allowing you to make an informed choice. WordPress gives you the ability to select a theme for your website that you can customize based on several factors—or advanced users can build a theme from scratch.

As mentioned above, there are several benefits to using a WordPress theme, and the added bonus is that it can be customized. Users are given the option to select a theme using their filter feature that populates themes by subject, features, and layout style. All themes come with an Install and Preview option so you can test any theme on your site to see if it’s compatible before installing it.

While themes provide the design of your website, plugins work behind the scenes to give your site the added boost of functionality for your audience.

3.) Amplify your website with plugins

You may hear Plugins and envision your electrical outlet, but on WordPress, they are the oil that keep your site running smoothly. Plugins provide a way to extend and add functionality to your website through installable software you select for your site.

Plugins are developed and managed by WordPress users to meet any need you could have for your website. There are over 50,000 plugins in the WordPress library to enhance your website by tracking your analytics, translating your content for an international audience, and much more.

Here are examples of popular plugins our users love:


Yoast SEO


WordPress also makes it easy to install and uninstall plugins to your site with a click of a button so finding the perfect combination won’t be time-consuming. The beauty of plugins is that any additions or upgrades you desire are easily accessible. Users can also develop and sell their own plugins which can potentially generate financial growth on their site. Let’s say you’re a writer advertising your services or a business setting up an eCommerce store, both of these sites have the capability to generate financial success using WordPress.

4.) Unlimited opportunities for financial growth

Did you know that a WordPress website can provide countless opportunities for financial growth in your business? One of the potential ways to earn income from your WordPress site is through affiliate marketing. This allows you to partner with a company to promote a product or service and receive a commission from the sale. Think of a popular social media tool like Instagram where your favorite celebrity is promoting flat tummy tea with a discount code for their followers to use, this is affiliate marketing.

Make a list of potential companies you’d love to partner with and check out their affiliate opportunities to see if their services or products are a good fit for your site. Working with two or three affiliate sites is a great way to start building an audience and generating traffic to your page.

But that’s not all WordPress can do to help you financially!

Many businesses and startups use WordPress as their CMS of choice because your customers can shop using your eCommerce store. WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that can be installed to assist in selling any physical or digital goods with ease. Customers using Woocommerce are given an all-inclusive shopping experience where they can purchase, ship, and pay from anywhere in the world. You are given 100% control and even get to determine your site design and taxes. That’s what we call getting the most bang for your buck.

5.) Confirming Future Success With Updates

WordPress is innovative and always updating in order to give it’s users the best CMS platform possible. Gutenberg is the new editor that will revolutionize the way your site is built starting with the blocks feature. Blocks are designed to make the editing experience easier for all users. The functionality of the blocks allows you to insert and rearrange multimedia content and create custom posts and pages for dynamic content.

Working in separate, individual blocks will allow users to create custom content that makes up the puzzle pieces of their finished web page.

There are hundreds of reasons to love WordPress and these are just a few. You can optimize your sites with plugins, design it with themes, use the new Gutenberg editor, and make money while doing what you love, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your WordPress account today!

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    Indeed, WordPress is good choice and seems that all small web development companies are using WordPress only to build websites

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    I love WordPress, it is very good CMS and good for you can’t coding..

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