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A first birthday is a big deal. That’s why we’re celebrating.
One year ago we unveiled our cloud-based hosting services, heralding 365 days of faster speeds, added security, and better-performing websites for millions of our users.
To commemorate this digital milestone, we sat down with Ian Watson, a Bluehost sales representative to talk all things Cloud what it is, what it means for Bluehost customers, and how you can know if cloud hosting is right for your business.

What is the Cloud?

Depending on what corner of the web you’re in, the word cloud can mean different things, especially as it relates to data storage. At Bluehost cloud technology is used to make hosting simpler and safer.
“When we talk about hosting, the Cloud is linking together multiple servers to each other,” Waston explains. “The resources can be shared. And the redundancy of the servers means your information is stored on multiple devices at the same time. It helps with load times and creates another layer of security.”

What else does the Cloud offer Bluehost customers?

In addition to data protection and increased speeds, the Cloud can help a small business owner get their company online even without established web skills.
“We’ve been trying to make it easier for people to have their own websites without needing coding skills,” Watson says. Cloud technology enables users to customize the power of their server, access content quickly and easily, and visually build their site without fear of data loss, Watson adds.

Is the Cloud right for you?

“The Cloud has better performance overall, and our customers are happier because their websites are performing better,” Watson explains. “The nicest thing about the Cloud is it takes the best things about shared hosting — like the ease of use — and brings it to a new level of performance.”
Think this technology is right for your small business? Visit our site to learn more about joining us on the Cloud. After all, the air is fine up here.