Code for America Contest Results

Last month, in conjunction with our participation in OSCON 2013 and our partnership with Code for America, we held a contest through Facebook to gather ideas for Code for America projects and reward some of our friends with awesome Bluehost gear.
Congratulations to Joshua, Tim and Jason for being chosen as the winners of the Bluehost Code for America contest! They’ll be receiving some new and exclusive Bluehost swag as well five months of free hosting, including 30 days each of our new VPS and dedicated hosting!

These winners were just a few in a long list of our friends that submitted great project suggestions! So, what were their ideas? Check them out here:

Tim: “School monitor. Give kids, teachers and administrators a way to compare schools and programs. This would aid schools and students to be able to get the most and best experience from school.”
Jason: “Build a better that would not only help people complete their tax returns, get notices on when taxes are due for businesses, tax law changes, etc. Give everyone the ability to submit questions and have free government-funded tax preparers answer questions – we know they already have them, put them to work. And use Drupal cause we already know it could handle all of it.”
Joshua: “I would have them code a system that would allow users to submit things like broken street lights or streets that need sweeping or potholes filled. They used to have one years ago, but it was taken down and didn’t work well.”
Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest! We’ll be compiling these, and all of the ideas that were submitted and turning them over to our friends at Code for America. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see your idea come to fruition in your town someday in the future!
You can still join Bluehost in our support for Code for America by spreading the word, making a contribution, encouraging your company to make a substantial donation, volunteer at a local brigade, or even apply to become a full-time fellow for one year!

And don’t worry, if you missed this contest, there will always be more you can get in on. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even Pinterest to get the latest Bluehost news and updates and be the first to know when there’s a chance to win some Bluehost swag!

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Brittany Warnock
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