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For The City Craves duo Shanon and Sofia, connection lies at the heart of their growing Montreal blog. Shanon and Sofia were inspired to create The City Craves after a mutual admiration for food and educating people on the stories behind their memorable meals. The City Craves focuses on assisting local businesses to grow through features on their blog, website, and food photography. They also curate custom events at venues they enjoy, with the help of their coordinators and sponsors. What started as co-workers going out to eat and getting to know each other grew into a blog, business, and website that has turned dining at a restaurant into a fun experience.

Eat. Drink. Connect.

The blog has created a different platform where we get to try new menu items, go to events and make new connections. Meeting the people behind the food, whether it’s a chef or other staff, has really given us insight into a world we wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise,” Sofia shares as she takes a bite of the fried pork dumplings from Kampai Garden in Montreal. Their website serves as an online tour guide of the trendiest eateries in the Montreal area where they post reviews that highlight restaurant favorites and new menu items. Visitors can scroll through brunch, lunch, supper, and drink features with decadent photos and honest reviews from The City Craves team. This also extends to their blossoming social media that hosts a newsfeed filled with drool-worthy photos that function as another avenue to share their food experiences with people.

Living The Motto

As co-creators of The City Craves, Shanon and Sofia blend their passions for food, people, and education into each aspect of their growing business. Sofia shares that her favorite kind of food is brunch and Shanon enjoys Carribean which is reflected in venues they write about and work with, like Bête à Pain, and Agrikol. Outside of their local favorites, they enjoy the opportunity to partner with businesses wanting to share new menu items and using the ambiance of the restaurant to inspire their features.

“We have different types of connections when we are eating. We tend to share genuine stories while enjoying our experiences together. The connection between restaurant workers, and people at our events has been great because of the great food and service they offer us.” Shanon explains sipping from the Lemon Cream Amaretto Sour with fresh lemon juice. “Our mission is to make sure our food blog incorporates the richness of Canadian food, businesses, and cultures for people to enjoy,” she says.

Telling a story and building the connection with fellow bloggers and attendees at each event remains at the forefront of each collaboration the duo has. “We love reaching out and talking to groups of foodies about our pictures and engaging with our followers. I think it reinforces our belief of “eating, drinking, and connecting,” with others,” Sofia says. As they continue to expand The City Craves to include contributors and writers, they are looking forward to expanding their clientele in the Montreal area.


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