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When creative minds of the Internet are trying to grow their audience and their business they turn to Robin Blakely.
Robin Blakely is a public relations professional and the CEO of Creative Center of America. She strives to create promotional strategies designed to launch her clients’ talent-driven brands. Her clients are creative minds – authors, artists and emerging experts.
“I help them connect with appropriate media, build relationships with new fans and create the strong PR infrastructure needed for artistic businesses to succeed and last,” she said.
Robin helps her clients develop their strategic plans. She helps her clients articulate their brands creatively and to the right markets.
According to Robin, the world of traditional PR shifted when Twitter arrived on the scene. She realized how crucial it was for her clients to present themselves on the internet and have a professional website. She also realized her PR firm needed to have a stronger presence on the web as a promotional professional, or she would become irrelevant in the increasingly online world of public relations. She decided to invest in hosting her site with a web hosting company.
She originally tried to build her website with a web hosting company that she quickly grew unhappy with. They had a habit of letting her down at her most crucial moments. When Robin’s credit card expired without her realizing it, the company shut down her site right before a webinar she had scheduled with 900 non-profit businesses waiting on the other end. There had been a snowstorm at the web hosting company’s headquarters, so they were not in the office to help Robin. They outsourced her to a foreign country where the man on the other end told her he could not help her either.
She described the ordeal as nightmarish, and after a fair amount of tears decided to make the switch to Bluehost. “When I transferred my business to Bluehost, everything changed for me. I didn’t have to be terrified that I couldn’t do something or that I pushed the wrong button because I knew their support team would help me,” Robin said. “Bluehost has made me bigger than I am in so many ways.”
Bluehost made it easy for Robin to make superior sites for herself and her clients. If she didn’t understand something, the support team stuck by her side and walked her through it until she felt comfortable continuing on her own. “The support team has been so patient and helpful, which has not only allowed me to build my business but also help build other people’s businesses,” she said. “I had to take the jump of helping them build their websites so it was really important that I could rely on technical people to tell me how to do the things I didn’t understand!”
At Bluehost, we have 24/7 technical support available for you no matter the size of your company. If you’re interested in web hosting with genuine support, Bluehost would love to help you. Give us a call at +1 888 401-4678 to speak with a web specialist for a free consultation.
Robin sung praises of both her clients and the Bluehost technical support team. Next week, we’ll take a look at how the support team picked Robin’s clients up off the ground when their former web hosting companies of choice failed them in their most critical moments.
Robin Blakely can be found at where she helps writers, artists and experts take the next step to success by turning them into full-fledged business brands.