Customer Spotlight: Creative Center of America’s Clientele

Last week, public relations professional Robin Blakely from the Creative Center of America sung praises of both her clients and the Bluehost technical support team. This week, we take a deeper look into how the support team picked Robin’s clients up off the ground.
The introduction of Twitter and other social media platforms increased the importance of an online presence for Robin’s clients. The hard part would be helping her clients create and maintain a website when they weren’t necessarily tech-savvy. Luckily, the Bluehost support team and free training videos made the process a breeze.
One client, Frank Robert Dixon, is a very gifted illustrator. “He’s a typical example of my clients in that he’s very gifted, but doesn’t love the math, money or technology side of it all,” Robin said. She helped Frank build a website on Bluehost, but said in the beginning, he could barely run his site.
Robin showed Frank the simple videos Bluehost produced to help make running a site easier for beginners. He ran with the simple concepts and created a professional site that reflected his talents. When Robin and Frank were writing a book on marketing geared toward creatives (, he wanted to incorporate the ease and simplicity Bluehost provided in the concepts they explained. “That entire time we were writing the book, he said, ‘Think about the bluehost videos – people need to understand this in simple ways like those Bluehost videos!’ He studied those videos to build his sites,” Robin explained. “I can’t explain to you the level Frank was at before he started watching those videos and figuring out how to utilize them.”
USA Today best-selling novelist Rebecca Forster ( is another one of Robin’s success stories. When she was with a different hosting company, Rebecca lost the password to her site. After calling and trying to get help, they told her they would not identify her without a password. “It was a key moment when we needed her website to work, but they didn’t help. They told her to come up with her own password or forget it,” Robin said.
Finally, after spending over 60 working hours trying to cancel their account, Robin and Rebecca  made the decision to walk away. Robin decided it was time to switch gears and get Rebecca setup on Bluehost.  “She loves your website, she feels comfortable about it, and we’ve moved everything to it. Bluehost helped make another successful site for us,” Robin said.
Robin Blakely can be found at where she helps writers, artists and experts take the next step to success by turning them into full-fledged business brands.

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