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Facebook is a valuable tool for any small business or website owner. Pew Research Center shares that 70% of Americans use social media platforms every day  — which presents an excellent opportunity for any business to connect to its audience.

Facebook has been adapting its business tools to increase engagement and ad growth even further.

In Sep. 2021, Facebook introduced new tools and ways for businesses to connect to their customers and generate leads.

You can take advantage of these changes to grow your business.

Read on to learn:

Facebook’s Lead Generation Changes

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Changes to Facebook Business Suite

Improving Lead Generation: Testing

Communication Channels: Integrations

More Facebook Business Features Coming Soon

Final Thoughts: Facebook’s New Tools for Leads and Connecting With Customers

Facebook’s Lead Generation Changes

Facebook’s New Tools For Leads and Connecting with Customers

Facebook has introduced multiple changes that enable businesses to connect to new customers and generate leads.

Get Quote

A new “get quote” button lets customers ask their questions swiftly.

Businesses also get to include 4-5 questions that they want to ask their customers before starting a conversation.

This will help qualify leads and reduce time spent exchanging the same questions each time a customer is interested in a product with variable pricing.

Changes to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook announced several changes to its Business Suite that encourage automation.

Facebook is testing a feature by which you can send client emails from the messaging inbox. Similarly, you will have a File Manager that will simplify how you manage, update, and post content.

Improving Lead Generation: Testing

You would be able to test your posts using A/B testing to optimize your delivery as time passes.

In simple words, you will be able to post almost identical posts with a few changes — different graphics, different terms — to see how the two posts perform.

Communication Channels: Integrations

Facebook aims to simplify communication.

Facebook will let businesses select the communication platforms they are available on and arrange communication exchange between customers and businesses on an optimal platform.

What’s an optimal platform?

It is the platform that will lead to a conversation.

In other words, when a customer taps on Send Message, it will open the app that the customer frequently uses and the business is also available on.

You will also find changes to the Instagram business. You will be able to add a WhatsApp contact button so customers can contact you with one click.

You can still contact customers through direct messaging, but testing different platforms may lead to a higher conversion rate.

More Facebook Business Features Coming Soon

Facebook Business Suite will introduce ab testing to optimize posts further

Facebook is also testing more exciting changes due to come out later in 2022.

Among those changes, you may like work accounts — a business owner will no longer have to use a personal account to access the business manager. It is being tested with a few companies.

Also, Facebook Business Explore will expand overseas into other markets like Australia, Singapore, and the U.K. This feature allows users to discover businesses nearby that deal in topics they have shown interest in.

Instagram lead finder research and testing will continue too. While Facebook has done a lot to help businesses target quality leads, Instagram is a newer market with room to grow.

Final Thoughts: Facebook’s New Tools for Leads and Connecting With Customers

Facebook continues to adapt the platform to reach more customers and help businesses. The latest addition to its functionalities especially helps small businesses expand their customer base.

While social media continues to improve its tools, it’s important to remember that organic search drives over 53% of traffic to websites — a website always appears higher in search engines than social media pages.

Your brand will work best with both a solid social media presence and a user-friendly website.

Luckily, websites are becoming easier to make as well.

With Bluehost’s new drag-and-drop website builder, you can make an SEO-friendly website that visitors will be happy to visit.

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