Freshen Your Site for Summer

Summer means different things for different businesses. For some, it’s a time when customer interests shift and the pace drops a couple notches. For others, more sunshine translates to more business. Regardless of how the season affects your workload, you should update your virtual storefront.
That’s because customer behavior changes during the warmer months. People are often more mobile, visiting family and friends or enjoying the outdoors. Consumers are not static; your website shouldn’t be either. Here are seven ways you can freshen up your site this summer.

Review Your SEO Strategy

Optimal SEO is roughly half mechanics and half content quality and frequency. There are a number of tools, like the WordPress plug-in Yoast, which can provide dynamic feedback on page titles, tags, and other elements. Take the time to evaluate your site, and be sure you’re able to maximize your organic search success.

Pump up the Visuals

Determine if you have engaging, relevant images on your site. If you’re not incorporating video, consider how you might make it part of your business story.

Update Your Content

Go through your site and update any old, stale, or otherwise long-in-the-tooth content. A simple review can make a big difference.

Check the Basics

Make sure that everything on your site is functioning properly. Check your site load speed, make sure content is appearing as it should, and review all basic operations.

Include Summer Details

Ensure the site reflects any unique summer hours, current offers, or other important information. A mistake during a busy time can have a dramatic impact on your business, so make sure everything is accurate.

Focus on Your Message

Key messages, offers, showcase products, and services should be front and center during busy times. Review your site and make sure those core offerings are getting the priority placement and attention they deserve.

Dial up Social Reach

During busy seasons it’s important to leverage all the digital marketing assets you can. Do your best to integrate social media channels on your site for maximum exposure and digital presence.

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