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For the average user, figuring out Google Search Console and Analytics has always been a struggle. While Google offers training and certification on the tools, there is a definite learning curve to get the best out of these tools to optimize your website.

Google Search Console Insights, which rolled out in June 2021, may be the answer.

Search Console Insights integrates with the existing Google app and makes it easy to follow your website’s performance — how people find your website, which posts are ranking higher and how your latest posts are doing.

Let’s see what Google Search Console Insights is and what it brings to the table.

Read on to learn more:

Google Search Console Insights Summed Up

Using Google Search Console Insights

Google Search Console Insights Vs. Google Search Console

Final Thoughts: How to Use Google Search Console Insights

Google Search Console Insights Summed Up

Google’s Search Console Insights
Google App Screenshot

Google released the beta version of Search Console Insights in mid-June 2021. Search Console Insights offers an overview of the entire website, broken down by month. It shapes the complex data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics into easily parseable information.

You get everything on one page — how users find you and how much time they spend on your website. You can scroll down to find out the performance of your most popular pages and the newly added posts.

Using Google Search Console Insights

Through Google Search Console Insights, you get actionable insights based on Google Analytics’s and Google Search Console’s data.

Here’s what you see after logging into Google Search Console Insights through website or Google App:

  • Overview of how your website performed in the last 28 days.
    • Total page views and average duration spent on each page
    • Performance of recently published pages — page views and time spent
    • Performance of most popular pages — page views and time spent
  • Overview of how people find your posts (with page views and average time spent)
    • Top traffic channels
    • Top referees for your pages
    • Your social media performance

In addition, you can click on an individual post to check how it performed over the last 28 days and where did its visitors come from. You can find out whether the readers came from Google or if they clicked your post on Pinterest.

Through these easy-to-understand insights, you can decide the content you should be creating and the platform you should be using to promote a blog and build your web presence.

Google Search Console Insights vs. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

When compared with the Google Search Console, Google Search Console Insights provides clear and actionable information.

Still, this simplicity comes at the cost of deeper insights — that may be relevant to you. You lose the ability to know the location and device of your users. Also, you still need Google Search Console if you require detailed search query data.

In other words, both services have their use. You can use Google Search Console for targetting specific audiences and Google Search Console insights for getting a quick overview of your performance.

A small blogger or a new website owner can benefit from the simple interface that Search Console Insights provides and may use only that.

Google itself is promoting the insights to content creators from the Google Search Console login page. They acknowledge that the content creators lack time to go through all the data in Google Search Console and can benefit from an actionable summary.

Final Thoughts: How To Use Google Search Console Insights

Google Search Console Insights promises a user-friendly future for SEO. With visual data and mobile-friendly design, it is the SEO tool for beginners and average users. Even the experts can use it as a supplement for getting a quick summary of their websites’ performances.

While Google Search Console Insights isn’t going to magically boost your website to the top of the search engine results, it will help you identify the areas where you can improve and the performances you can replicate.

You can always contact our experts for further help on optimizing your website’s SEO performance.

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