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Being a small business is hard.  Most small business owners do everything; accounting, marketing, sales, service, technology and anything else that needs doing.  For a long time the challenge of wearing all those hats was compounded by being stuck in a product purgatory, forced to choose between reasonably priced, but low function consumer products or over-priced “business” services designed for larger businesses.  Times have changed, from a product and overall business standpoint there may have never been a better time than now to be a small business.

Faster beats bigger

The pace of change is faster and more significant than ever before. In business, the ability to rapidly respond to those changes can be much more valuable than the sheer size of your business. In fact, often smaller businesses are at a distinct advantage being much better positioned to turn on a dime and respond to the rapidly changing marketplace.   

Next-generation tools

The tools available to small businesses are nothing short of amazing.  Whether it’s the power and affordability of a beautiful WordPress powered website, a powerful marketing automation solution or access to simple, sophisticated accounting software, the capability and range of options for running and growing your small business is nothing short of amazing.  
Be selective about the tools you choose to invest in and if you do invest in a software or technology solution take the time to really learn to use it. Many businesses of all sizes fall into the trap of buying software based on the promise of what it can do but then failing to follow through and actually put those capabilities into motion. The right tools applied correctly can improve the efficiency of your day to day operations and the effectiveness of your business growth activities.

Be social

Social media isn’t free, it does require time and effort to make it work. Done intelligently, investment in social media can pay off in big way for your business. Gone are the days of the big media budgets or paying premium rates for simple print ads or radio spots. Those channels still have a place, but for a small business a wise investment in social media can have a sizable impact on your business.
Setting up social presence on key channels is easy, where leading small businesses accel is by being consistent with interesting, engaging content. Related to the tools mentioned above, the right social media tools can make it easier to manage posting, monitoring and managing all the moving parts that make an effective social program. It’s not free, but done well social can move the meter.    

Go Global

It’s maybe a little cliche to talk about small businesses being global, but there are many small businesses that serve audiences all over the world.  The epicenter of a good global business is a professional, easy to find and easy to navigate website. Don’t underestimate teh global potential of your business.

You’ve got support

Finally, back to the point at the beginning of the post, the old days of being forced into product, and related support, options that didn’t fit are largely behind us. Companies like Bluehost offer the high-touch, relevant and hyper-helpful support you need as a small business.  
It’s not just a great time to be small, it’s an amazing time to be a small business. Embrace all the wonderful qualities and potential available to you as a small business and let us know how Bluehost can be of service.

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