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Imagine this: You live in the day-to-day grind of a stressful job and a hectic life. Sound familiar?
Now imagine this: You quit your job, move to a sun-soaked foreign country, and adopt a lifestyle that embraces a slower pace.
That is exactly what Bluehost customer Nadine Hays Pisani did. Pisani is the author of the “Happier Than A Billionaire” book series, which chronicles her decision to quit the rat race and move to Costa Rica with her husband. I recently spoke with her about how she managed to find the simple life and what valuable lessons she learned along the way.

What was your life like before you made the big move?

After ten years of working 10-hour days, my husband and I decided that we just couldn’t live another day like that. We ate horribly and spent so much time at the office that we rarely saw each other. The only way we knew how to untangle such a complicated life was to give ourselves a do-over.

And that meant moving to a new country?

Yes, it took us all the way to Costa Rica. We moved with three suitcases, a dog, and cat. We sold or gave away everything else. During the first year of our adventure, I looked at my husband, Rob, and said, “I’m so happy, I think I’m happier than a millionaire.” He replied, “No, more than that. We’re happier than a billionaire!” And so that name seemed appropriate for the title of my book.

At the time, were you worried you were making the right choice?

It was such a risk  to quit what we had worked so hard for, but, in the end, it was riskier not to do it. I knew that if we didn’t do it then, we were never going to embark on a grand adventure. And that adventure has been more than we ever expected.

Many people describe living abroad as a transformative experience. Have you had any aha moments?

The biggest discovery I made was that it’s never over. No matter where you are in life, you can reinvent yourself. You just can’t give up.

While you focus on living the good life in Costa Rica, you’re still a businesswoman. What are you currently up to?

After three “Happier Than A Billionaire” books, it seemed like a natural progression to finally build a house. Turning it into a place where people can book a vacation is our next great endeavor, and the name actually came from my readers. As I shared pictures on social media, my followers would ask, “When is The Happier House opening?” And so there you have it!
Bluehost customer

What’s your best advice for other aspiring writers and entrepreneurs?

Business is challenging. You win some, and you lose some. The ability to keep chugging along is the glue to it all. Every mistake is a valuable lesson, and you begin viewing these disasters as tiny deflated souffles. You almost had it, so you just try again. Eventually, one of these ideas is going to rise.

What made you want to chronicle your journey on the web?

When I first moved to Costa Rica, I didn’t even have an Internet connection. I had to drive 30 minutes to an internet café. But eventually, I got dial-up and then broadband. With each faster upgrade, I was able to share more pictures and videos on social media. I consistently post on every platform, and because of that, I can reach a wider audience with my books. That led to getting featured on CNN and other outlets.

What role has Bluehost played in your journey?

I started my WordPress blog with Bluehost because I needed to find a hosting platform that I felt comfortable using. When you are a newbie, you can’t even begin to imagine where to start, but Bluehost gave me the confidence that I could build a site. Now that my website has evolved into much more than a blog, Bluehost has helped me get out of some tough spots along the way. And by tough spots, I mean messing up the entire site, panicking, and having customer service assist me with rolling the site back to a previous date. I can attest that when you do that (and you will, trust me), having a calm voice on the other end of the line will be invaluable.

When people ask how they can replicate your success, do you recommend they start a website?

Absolutely. Take me for an example. I was a stressed-out chiropractor that moved to Costa Rica and became a writer. Now I get to share pictures and happy, funny stories with people all over the world. I found my dream job, and it all started with my website.
Kasee Bailey is a freelance writer who draws on her experience working at one of the nation’s top b-schools to report on education, savvy startups, and the latest business trends.

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