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The holiday spirit is upon us, and for social media managers, this time of the year is an excellent opportunity to create emotional connections with customers on their own turf.

With holiday shopping usually beginning after Halloween with Black Friday and leading up to the December festivities, you can’t afford to postpone your campaigns. It’s time to start offering deals and giveaways and creating social media posts for the holiday season.

Wondering how to create a successful holiday marketing campaign for social media? Keep reading.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Why Holiday Social Media Campaigns Are Important

Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas

Final Thoughts: 7 Holiday Social Media Ideas To Boost Festive Sales in 2021

Why Holiday Social Media Campaigns Are Important

Over half of the world’s population — 4.48 billion people — are actively using social media in 2021. So, you have an excellent opportunity to get your message in front of a huge audience this holiday season.

If you’re still on the fence about whether holiday advertising campaigns are worth your efforts, here are seven ways your business benefits from marketing campaigns. They can:

  1. Create and expand brand awareness
  2. Give you an edge over the competition
  3. Market your products
  4. Increase holiday sales
  5. Bring in new customers
  6. Help you get feedback
  7. Boost your social media presence

Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas

  1. Customize your profile
  2. Partner with influencers
  3. Promote a good cause
  4. Offer festive giveaways
  5. Create content that inspires purchases
  6. Run a contest
  7. Repackage your products for the holidays

With so many people shopping during the holiday season, the competition becomes fierce. You’ll need all hands on deck for your holiday ad campaigns with multiple social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

A practical and often underestimated way of reaching your customers during the holiday season is through social media.

But how do you make a holiday campaign for your products and services?

Here are seven seasonal marketing ideas to get your business ready for the festivities.

1. Customize Your Profile

Social media marketing campaigns that are attuned to the season often succeed. Updating your profile picture to reflect the upcoming holidays is a smart move to intrigue customers and drive traffic.

Try replacing your photo with something more appropriate for the holidays. For instance, your profile picture can feature seasonal decorations and you or someone else wearing holiday-inspired costumes.

You could go with a Santa hat on a headshot or some candy canes. You can even overlay snow if you use a logo.

You might also want to use holiday-themed background colors, GIFs, or static images in your posts.

2. Partner With Influencers

Holiday social media ideas Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing is among the most popular marketing strategies for brands. Social media influencers usually have a large and engaged following. 

As influencers tend to post a lot on their social channels about upcoming holiday shopping events, you can leverage that to promote products focusing on particular holidays.

Popular social media users can influence their followers by showing your products in use.

3. Promote a Good Cause

Holiday social media ideas Donate to charities
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Holiday content marketing that focuses on giving to charities will earn you brownie points with your audience.

Charitable giving lets your customers know you’re committed to social needs and not just interested in profits.

Use the festive season to let people know that a certain percentage of your profits will go to a local charity or non-profit.

Your brand will appear genuine, sincere, and worthy of your audience’s support.

4. Offer Festive Giveaways

Holiday social media ideas Offer holiday giveaways

Pretty much everyone loves receiving gifts. Holiday gifts are a great opportunity to display your brand on social media and show customers some love.

While some holidays, including Christmas, are more suited for this, you can try it on other festivities as long as you get people talking about your campaign on social media.

For example, you can offer a giveaway with every purchase your customers make during the holidays. A free item encourages people to purchase your products instead of going to a competitor.

5. Create Content That Inspires Purchases

Use social media accounts as an opportunity to share entertaining articles about the holidays, valuable tips, and gift guides for those who plan to make the most out of the season.

That’s also helpful for customers who need gift ideas for their loved ones but have no idea where to begin.

6. Run a Contest

Reward your fans and spread the holiday cheer by holding contests and offering great prizes. Encourage them to share your page and convince more people to participate.

Examples of prizes you can offer include gift cards or branded items, depending on your brand and your ideal target audience.

Determine what your audience would enjoy and what incentives could make potential customers join your contest.

7. Repackage Your Products for the Holidays

Best holiday social media campaigns Holiday-themed packaging

Consider giving your products holiday-themed packaging. That will make your products more enticing to customers shopping for gifts and festive items.

Starbucks is well-known for its holiday designs every year that attract customers and drive sales.

Its latest holidays collection, which is Halloween-themed, already has people on Instagram and Twitter excited about the upcoming festivity.

Final Thoughts: 7 Holiday Social Media Ideas To Boost Festive Sales in 2021

Now that the holidays are almost here, use these ideas to jumpstart your holiday sales social media campaigns. You can also create unique holiday marketing ideas by adding elements that resonate with your brand.

Let us know what holiday social media campaigns you’ve used and what the benefits were by tweeting us @Bluehost.

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