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Themes are the clothes of a WordPress website — they define the style of a website with colors, backgrounds, and fonts, as well as the layout of content, site navigation, homepages, and other templates. Thousands of WordPress themes are available to users as soon as they create their site. The theme directory makes selecting a theme very easy by highlighting featured, popular, and the latest theme options for users to browse.

Featured Themes

Featured themes are highlighted on the WordPress directory page and are given prominent placement due to popularity with users and innovative design.

Popular Themes

Popular themes are highlighted under the “Popular” section of the WordPress theme directory. These are themes that have a high amount of active installations among users.

Latest Themes

These themes are highlighted under the “Latest” section of the WordPress theme directory for users wanting the newest themes uploaded to WordPress from the community.

When selecting a theme, you always want to make sure to read the details of the theme for browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, and user’s ratings and reviews. The featured, popular, and latest themes are just a few of the thousands of options WordPress users can select to design their unique site. The choices are endless and you can even customize your theme selection using your signature brand logo, colors, and layout.

What theme have you used in 2019? Let us know below!

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  1. Jassica Avla Reply

    hey! Mr. Johnson.
    Thank you so much for your such a useful piece of content. This is very useful for us.Because I was really confused about How to Choose Popular and The Latest Theme from the long time.
    – Jassica

    • Desiree Johnson, Content Specialist Reply

      Greetings Jassica,
      We’re so happy to hear this blog was helpful for you, have a wonderful day!

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