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We were so excited to co-host our most recent webinar “How To Grow Your Online Business Series” in collaboration with WooCommerce and Jetpack. This series focused on helping users start an online business and transform their strategies to extend beyond their first customer. We were joined by enthusiastic attendees over the course of the three-part series who learned all the fundamentals of helping to get their business online. The presenters consisted of:

  • Jonathan Wold
  • Rob Pugh
  • Gareth Allison
  • Machielle Thomas

The first webinar covered “The Principles of Success,” where attendees were introduced to 7 areas of focus in building an online business and principles of success to keep in mind for each focus area. The second webinar was all about “Introducing Jetpack and WooCommerce,” to attendees who learned about the different tools they offer to help manage and grow an online business. Our last webinar focused on “Growing Beyond Setup to Success” and provided attendees with marketing tools and best practices to help grow beyond their first customer.

In case you were unable to catch the webinar live, we compiled some of the most popular questions attendees asked during the duration of the webinar. If you have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments below!

How can you transfer customer contact info entered on order forms onto shipping labels if a customer has multiple addresses for one order?

By default, a customer has a single shipping address on checkout. You can use this extension to allow them to ship to multiple addresses at one time. ShipStation is a great option that supports labels for many carriers.

Does WooCommerce have currency conversions options and how does that affect the tax if you’re in a different country?

You can set your shop currency and set the exact tax rates that you want to charge.

Does WordPress have the option to sell an eBook?

Yep! You can create a digital product in WooCommerce through our digital downloads extension.

How can WooCommerce help with a service business like a vacation rental?

There’s a bookings extension that would work well for service based businesses like vacation rentals, appointments, online consultations, and more!

Is there a cost for using WooCommerce and Sensei?

Sensei is a free plugin for WordPress that enables you to sell your courses online. The WooCommerce Paid Courses extension does require a license that you can find additional information on here.

Can I showcase my products without selling anything?

Sure! If you don’t add a price then they wouldn’t be able to purchase. For more advanced options you can use the Catalog Visibility Options extension.

If orders are critical, why can’t I download the orders into a database on my computer?

WooCommerce has Analytics built-in including an order report. You can export those reports by CSV.

What are the costs for WooCommerce and Jetpack?

The WooCommerce plugin is free but there are paid extensions on Jetpack has free and paid plans.

I already have Jetpack on my website…but don’t really understand how to actually use it, could you explain it to me?

Jetpack has a lot of different features, many of which work in the background without you doing anything. The features are listed here. If you have questions about getting any particular feature working contact us at [email protected] with the text “Bluehost Webinar Question” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you with details as soon as we can.

I would like to use WooCommerce Services Shipping. It seems to require me to have Jetpack activated. I am using other services that Jetpack provides, so Jetpack isn’t necessary for me. Can I deactivate Jetpack and still use WooCommerce Shipping?

WooCommerce Services does rely on Jetpack for the purchasing and printing of USPS labels.

What is a plugin you can use for social media engagement and does it also post to multiple social pages?

It sounds like you’re thinking of Jetpack’s Publicize feature and yes, you can schedule posts, but it’s a paid feature as part of the Premium plan.

You said “Reviews come standard and are enabled by default with WooCommerce core, but you can level-up with a paid extension” Where is this located in the settings?

There’s a general setting to enable reviews.

Can we also have promotional pop-ups through WooCommerce?

There’s an extension on that might help with creating promotional ads.

Do WooCommerce Payments replace Square or Paypal?

It can be used on its own as the only gateway or in addition to the other gateways.

Once you have a product and a website how do you advertise to get pubic attention?

We recommend using social media, Google Ads, email marketing, and using internal/external links to build your network.

Part #1: The Principles of Success

Part #2: Introducing Jetpack and WooCommerce

Part #3: Growing Beyond Setup to Success

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