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After you’ve created your page or post (before publishing) you can choose an image. Adding images in WordPress is very easy. All of your images will be stored and can be managed in the Media Library, but you can take several different paths to get there.

To add an image from within a page or post:

1.) Select “Set Featured Image,” which will direct you to the Media Library.

2.) Once your Media Library opens up, you can add an image from your desktop to include in your current page or post as your featured image. A company or brand logo is great to use for your first published post, or you can use an image that correlates with your content.

3.) When you select your featured image, the Media Library will show you details that include the date, size, and file type of the selected image.

4.) The featured image will appear in your WordPress page or post for you to preview with an option to remove or replace the image before publishing to your site. You can also add any images in the Media Library in your content draft.


Once you select an image for your post, it’s now time to incorporate tags to attach to your content. Every post in WordPress can be filed under one or more tags. Tags help aid in navigation and allow your posts to be grouped with other similar content pieces. Tag names must be unique and specific to your content. The uniqueness and specificity of your tags can help improve your SEO rankings.

You can add tags to any post you create in the WordPress admin dashboard. Tags can be manually entered and will save automatically to a post before you publish it.

When your post is published, the specified tags are displayed under each post that is published on your page. When someone viewing your blog clicks on one of these tag links, a tag archive page with all the posts belonging to that tag will appear. This gives visitors the opportunity to read related posts and content that corresponds with that tag.

As you are developing more content for your site, you can create and save tags in the WordPress dashboard, as well as edit current tags, and delete existing ones.

ALT Tags and Captions

Alt tags are brief, alternative text descriptions that help describe an image to a search engine’s automated crawlers, as well as to blind visitors via a screen reader. While sometimes image captions and alt text can be identical, there are times when alt text should explain the image with more details than the caption may offer.

When you apply an alt tag to an image like a product photo, it can also potentially improve your site’s search engine rankings.

Pro Tip: As you are building your site, incorporating these SEO strategies into each component of your website will potentially increase your site visibility.

The WordPress Media Library is a great place to store, save, and add images to your admin dashboard. These images can be accessed anytime you create a post or page and can increase the SEO value of your site with an alt tag and caption. If you need royalty free images, check out resources like Pixabay or Unsplash to help add media to your site.

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