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We’re strolling into the holiday season and we were excited to have such a great turnout for the “How to Prepare for The Holiday Season,” webinar. The holidays are a great way to drive traffic and potentially increase online sales to your site. During the webinar, we covered key preparation tactics like upgrading your hosting plan, increasing your security features, and making your site mobile-friendly.

We walked through several website features that can help prepare a site for the holidays like reviewing excess plugins and how to make a mobile-friendly WordPress website. This correlated with a later discussion we had on responsive designs and how they allow users to access a site from any mobile device. Our Content Manager Machielle demoed how users can activate a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to increase their web security along with how an SSL certificate works on a site.

In case you were unable to catch the webinar live, we compiled some of the most popular questions attendees asked during the duration of the webinar. If you have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments below!

What is a plugin that can help optimize my images?

Tiny PNG and Smush Image Compression and Optimization are great plugins that can help optimize your images. Optimizing your media for mobile using plugins helps to reduce the size of your images and large files.

What kind of site needs to use a responsive theme?

We encourage that all sites use a responsive theme because it structures your website to fit all screen types. The WordPress.Org library features thousands of responsive themes a user can review before installing one to their website.

Is there a way to know keywords people when searching in Google?

There are a lot of different services you can use to help you find keywords with online resources like MOZ and Google Search Console. If you don’t want to use an online tool, we always encourage searching for keywords specific to your products online and incorporating those on your website. Monitoring your competitors and seeing how they identify similar products you may have is an organic research method you can also use.

I don’t sell products, but I write, edit, and do research for individuals and business, can I still capitalize on the holiday traffic?

In order for SEO to have a benefit for your website or client websites, it takes roughly around 6 months for any SEO practices to go into effect for your website.

Do tags on a product help people find our products?

Yes, there are several ways to incorporate tags on your online products with plugins like WooCommerce. Tags on your pages, posts, and products is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site.

Where can I check my website’s Meta description?

Under “Appearance,” on your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll select “Customize,” and edit the description of your site. Under “Site Identity,” you can change your tagline and add a logo. Do keep in mind it can vary based on the theme you choose.

I have a blog site, is it possible to integrate holiday music that plays when a visitor comes to my site?

While WordPress features several plugins that can help integrate music onto your website, we always recommend keeping the UX (user experience) in mind with music. Some users may be in the office or a quiet space while opening a website, so you don’t want to distract them from your intended post or page with music.

Is there a best practice to reduce the unwanted spam emails users often get during the holidays?

If you are getting a lot of spam comments, Akismet is a great plugin to help filter and reduce spam comments. Within your admin dashboard you will select “Settings,” and then “Discussion,” and you can select how you want users comments to appear on your posts.

What is the best backup program for your website?

Back-ups are really important because you want to ensure all of your content isn’t lost. Using a plugin like WP Updraft Plus allows you to save your files are safe, secured, and saved.

Do you suggest long domain names?

Not particularly, long domain names can make it hard for prospective customers or readers to find your website. If it’s necessary due to the nature of your business, just try to make it as simple as possible.

What is the recommended size for a logo in WordPress?

For WordPress website the recommended logo image size 100×70 and main photo goes by pixels so a medium would a maximum of 300px, Large is 1024 pixels.

How do I add the Behance logo to my site?

This may be a good place to start:

Check out the slide deck for the presentation here

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