How to Quickly Backup your Bluehost Hosting Account

Our customers spend countless hours and significant resources to build the perfect website. Here at Bluehost we perform regular backups on all our servers to help protect our customer’s files, databases, e-mails, etc…. Still, even our best laid plans can’t insure against 100% of problems. But did you know there is a fool-proof way you can protect yourself against data loss? Perform your own backup!

The Bluehost data center is the best in the business. While no system escapes the occasional problem, especially one with as many moving parts as a data center, our professional admin team is always on hand 24/7 to monitor our servers, replace and upgrade equipment, and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. But even when running perfectly, data loss still happens. The most common cause? Human error: people accidentally delete or overwrite existing files or emails.

Redundancy, Redundancy, Redundancy

Our internal backups can be super helpful when tragedy strikes, but the timing of these does not always capture the latest changes made to your website. That’s why we recommend you make your own personal backup every time you make significant changes to your site. And even if you aren’t often updating your website, regular monthly backups make it much easier to restore data if needed.
Here’s how to create backups of your files:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Files’ section and click the ‘Site Backup & Restore’ icon.
  3. Select ‘Full cPanel Backup’.
  4. Select the starting date from when you want to create a backup.
  5. Select an archive type (.tar or .zip).
  6. Download and Save the file.

It’s just that easy to create a reliable backup of your files right on your home computer for safe keeping. It just takes a few minutes to go through these steps and can help you avoid a lot of frustration and heartache. As always, call us if you have questions or need a hand!

One More Tip

Are you an advanced website builder? Lots of our clients prefer using more sophisticated backup tools. Our Site Backup & Restore Pro tool allows even more control when restoring and backing up files: you can elect to restore only individual files, only the files that have changed, or just databases and tables. Check it out!
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