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As more people are working from home due to COVID-19, entrepreneurs are having to transition their businesses into an online model that is sustainable to maintain their customer base. Having an online business opens you up to the possibility to grow and expand your business by reaching new customers on a larger scale. Businesses around the world are getting creative by finding new ways to deliver their product or services online.

Here are a few ways you can transition your business into an online solution.

Create Business Alternatives

Whether you’re a grocery store that is now delivering curbside or a personal trainer who has to teach online, the current state-of-the-world is requiring businesses to find alternative options as they market themselves online.

  • Contactless Delivery

This has recently become more popular due to social distancing efforts. It’s more vital than ever to minimize any contact from person-to-person to slow the spread of germs. Creating contactless delivery is a great way to keep your customers and staff safe, while still running your business. Restaurants all over the nation have converted their menus to either pick up or drive-thru options which allows you to abide by local and state mandates while staying in business. 

If you don’t have a restaurant that allows for a drive-thru option, many eateries are partnering with GrubHub, UberEats, Doordash, and more to set up delivery options for people wanting to dine from the comforts of their home. Adding a drive-up option is also a great alternative for businesses that still want to provide services to their customers. These have worked for businesses like flower shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and more!

  • Take Your In-Person Appointments Online

Converting your business to an online model has become easier with the increasing options to use video chats as an alternative for in-person consultations. Online consultations can have a low-cost setup and allow you to create a flexible schedule. Whether you’re a counselor, life coach, financial advisor, or personal trainer, you can take your sessions from the office to a computer in a split second. You can sell consulting packages or charge by the hour based on the type of training you are giving. PracticeIgnition and Yondo both feature all-in-one solutions that can help you book and perform one-on-one sessions, manage your pricing, and protect the privacy of your customers.

  • Connect with Your Team

Zoom and Skype are just a few video conferencing resources you can use to meet with your employees from the comforts of your home. Communication is vital while people are working from home and maintaining team morale can start with a video chat for your virtual meetings. Creating a schedule ahead of a virtual meeting can help keep your team engaged and prepared to discuss any crucial business matters. If you are managing and sharing different documents within your team, G Suite allows for real-time collaboration through documents, slides, and spreadsheets that can be accessed on/offline. Google Hangouts also allows Gmail users to communicate via phone, video, or text with free group calls for up to 10 people.

  • Host a Virtual Class Featuring Your Product or Service

While so many people are learning to create new schedules to adapt to working at home, they are seeking ways to learn new skills. Online classes are a great way to promote your business while instructing people on a variety of new techniques, lessons, and how-to’s that will keep them entertained and engaged. Whether you’re a master at creating pasta, flower arrangements, or a fitness guru, there are tons of options to create a virtual class based on your unique business. Virtual classes allow you to get up close and personal with current and prospective customers while allowing you to customize the length of time and rate for which you’ll charge your services. There are numerous online tools like Adobe Connect that features an interactive whiteboard, quick polls, and customizable layouts for an interactive classroom. Many businesses are also pre-recording classes and then emailing them to customers who register for a set fee.

As a business, you have a lot to gain when you market your services online. No matter what creative alternative you choose, you always want to promote and market your business via social media, email, or a newsletter. Social media allows you to invest in paid ads across multiple platforms, live stream, or share your services via a post or tweet. Using advertising services like Google Ads can also help you grow your business online by allowing you to create ads for a targeted audience while driving traffic to your site. Don’t be afraid to try something new as you continue your business at home, the internet is filled with resources that can help you take your unique product or service online. 

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