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Did you know that some of the best tech inventions, including the world’s first internet search engine and Calendly, were created by Black tech innovators? 

We want you to learn about the Black innovators who have helped improve our lives in significant ways. 

Read on to learn more about these important innovators, including: 

  • Black tech innovators who made major strides in technology
  • Top inventions that changed the world
  • Tech companies led by Black professionals

Black Tech Innovators Who Changed Our Lives

Only a few notable inventors, including George Washington Carver and Madam C. J. Walker, are regularly recognized during Black History Month. But there are many Black innovators whose names we don’t hear as often. 

Here are some prominent Black tech innovators who should be recognized for their achievements.

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson was one of the most important tech experts who worked for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). She often solved difficult math problems for the company. 

Jonhson was among the most prominent Black women innovators.  

Johnson joined another task force in NASA, where she designed the path for the Freedom 7. She helped plan the first successful moon landing with her calculations.

Alan Emtage

Alan Emtage is a systems administrator who later formulated and implemented Archie, the world’s first Internet search engine.

Without Emtage, we wouldn’t have Google and other websites used to search the web and optimize website content.

Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown is another significant Black woman innovator. She was the brain behind the modern surveillance and home security closed-circuit television system.

Brown’s original invention was made of peepholes, the camera, monitors, and a two-way microphone. There was an alarm button that would instantly contact the police when pressed. 

Brown’s patent helped develop later technology, such as push-button alarm triggers.

Angela Benton

Angela Benton has had many accolades bestowed on her in recent years, such as making Business Insider’s list of the 25 Most Influential African-Americans in Technology. She gained notoriety by creating Black Web 2.0 and NewMe Accelerator

Black Web 2.0 was a website launched in 2007 that quickly gained ground within the Black tech community. It serves as a platform for marginalized Black professionals in the tech sector.

Mark Dean

Mark Dean is one of technology’s top innovators. The computer engineer helped design the IBM personal computer, introduced in 1981, that became predominant on desktops. 

Along with co-inventor and IBM colleague Dennis Moeller, Dean developed the interior hardware that allowed computers to connect to external hardware, such as printers and monitors. 

Frank Greene

Frank Greene is considered to be among the first Black tech innovators who developed high-speed computer systems in the 1960s. 

Greene also founded the software companies Technology Development Corp. and ZeroOne Systems, Inc. 

Black Innovators Leading Tech Companies

Now that you’ve learned about Black tech innovators who made a major impact in technology, here are some of the world’s most successful tech companies headed by genius Black professionals.

Jessica O. Matthews

Jessica O. Matthews is a prominent Black woman innovator. Her company, Uncharted Power, uses its proprietary MORE technology as part of its quest to create larger infrastructural solutions.  

Uncharted Power aims to provide cost-efficient renewable energy for the developing world, from sub-Saharan Africa to the Caribbean.

Ralph A. Clark

Ralph A. Clark is the president and CEO of Shotspotter, a detection, location, and forensic analysis program used at various police stations. 

Clark created Shotspotter to help reduce urban gun crime, save lives, and keep cities safe.

Charley Moore

Charley Moore, who worked as an internet law and businesses attorney, is the founder of Rocket Lawyer.

Moore’s company provides affordable and straightforward legal solutions for individuals and small businesses from the comfort of their homes.  

Tope Awotona

Tope Awotona is the founder and CEO of Calendly, a simple scheduling software tool that aims to save time and improve service quality.

Awotona’s software makes scheduling appointments, interviews, and demos much easier than using cumbersome email and phone reminders.

Marc Jones

Marc Jones is considered an asset to Silicon Valley’s tech sphere. Jones’ company Aeris aids some of the largest businesses in the world. 

Jones has helped empower companies to turn unconnected products into engaging end-user experiences through the Internet of Things

Those are just a few Black innovators who have made a significant contribution to the tech industry, from search engines to renewable energy. 

While tech may have a diversity problem, these brilliant minds dedicated their skills and time, often in the face of severe discrimination. Black tech superstars have changed the way we use technology today. Do you know of other Black tech innovators who’ve made your life easier? We want to hear from you. Tweet your thoughts and comments to @bluehost.

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