Innovation Jam 2020: Rejuvenate and Innovate

Endurance International is bringing forth ideas, creativity, and teamwork with our first virtual 2020 Innojam focusing on Rejuvenating and Innovating. InnoJam will feature our engineering and development teams working in cross-brand team events and groups starting October 5th-October 13th. As of right now, we have the following teams competing across three different categories. 

23 teams — Customer Acquisition and Revenue

35 teams — Customer Happiness / Employee Happiness

16 teams — Cutting Edge / Pure Innovation

What Is InnoJam?

InnoJam was created in 2001 by IBM as an experiment to inspire companies and businesses to build team spirit, enhance creativity, and encourage collaboration through product development. InnoJams have the ability to empower change within an organization and allow strategic innovation across multiple channels. These innovative workshops can often last a few days while various product, design, and UX teams collaborate to create a product that can make a difference for their organization. Team members are also given work hours to plan their ideas and present them to judges.

How Does it Help?

InnoJams can help businesses and organizations generate and evolve ideas around business-centered or societal issues. When multiple people get together and use expertise to problem solve larger ideas they have the power to impact real change within the organization. Whether they are creating new initiatives, products, or tackling new concepts, InnoJams encourage collaboration and creativity that teams wouldn’t ordinarily experience working in their designated departments.

Why We Love InnoJam?

Innojam lets you take all your skills (even ones you don’t use on a day-to-day basis) and apply them toward a passion project that has a chance of getting made. Everyone puts in a lot of hours, but it’s strangely refreshing.-Genevieve Mount, UX Writer

InnoJam is a fun collaborative effort. It greatly benefits all those involved and acts as a real morale booster for all involved.- Blake Wilcox, Software Engineer

I love that it’s an opportunity for good ideas to rise to the surface. At a lot of companies, ideas come from the top, and that’s it. Innojam shakes things up and opens the field to good ideas from all over the company, especially from the people who are closest to our customers.-Joshua Barnes, UX Writer

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