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We’re kicking off Women’s History Month by recognizing the achievements of the legendary women who are blazing their own historical trails on International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs Sunday, March 8, 2020 and we’re excited to be celebrating the beauty, diversity, and achievements of women all over the world. This monumental day doesn’t just celebrate a single woman, country, or organization, but recognizes women everywhere who are inspiring others to do better, make a difference, and evoke change.

What is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global celebration that highlights the achievement of women championing economic, cultural, political, and social causes worldwide. IWD first started in 1908 after 15,000 women marched in New York City demanding voting rights, better pay, and shorter work hours. As each decade finds a new way to advocate for women’s rights around the globe, IWD has been at the forefront of reminding people how far we’ve come and the work that still remains.

The 2020 campaign theme for is #EachforEqual which encourages people to challenge their perspective on stereotypes, bias, and women’s achievements. #EachforEqual seeks to debunk the concept that equality is only framed as a “women’s issue” but discusses that this is a business issue that extends to how we can have a healthier work environment and community. IWD is using #EachforEqual as a year-long campaign that will continue to create discussion and conversation that promotes a “gender equal world.”

How You Can Celebrate

International Women’s Day continues to raise awareness on bias, stereotypes, and equality in every aspect of life whether it’s at home, in the workplace, or in your local community. You don’t have to be a famous celebrity, activist, or leader to get involved in IWD, here are a few ways you can support #EachforEqual and women everywhere.

  • Support non-profit organizations that work to defend women’s rights
  • Collaborate with female-led brands, companies, and influencers
  • Hold an IWD celebration at work such as profiling amazing women on your website
  • Attend a women’s networking event
  • Volunteer as a mentor for a younger person in your industry

There are numerous ways you can get involved in International Women’s Day and celebrate the amazing women who have devoted themselves to changing the economic, political, and social landscape for women all over the world. Whether you’re sharing your #EachforEqual picture on social media or doing something kind for the women in your life, there is no shortage of ways to get involved!

Breaking Down Barriers

Bluehost is excited to celebrate all the diverse, vibrant, and dynamic women who continue to achieve and excel in technology, as bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Below you will find a wonderful roundup of quotes from women we have featured in our Customer Spotlight Program over the past year. Whether they are juggling multiple roles as boss or businesswoman, these are just a few examples of women continuing to break barriers in their respective industries.

“As a mom starting a business, I think the biggest thing to remember is that balance is really important. You have a lot of things going on and you want to do all of it, but you can’t do it all. You can’t be the president of the PTA and you can’t enter all of the shows. You can’t do all of the things because your self-care will also go down.”- Neena Buxani

“The biggest productivity tip that I have is to take things and delegate. Things aren’t going to be absolutely perfect every single time. Learn how to let go and delegate so you can focus on things that will be more impactful for your business.”- Tatiana Penny

“I’ve always had the philosophy of “throw yourself in and figure it out,” because you can teach yourself anything.”- Jahnavi Jasmine

“See people in your own industry as colleagues and not competitors. You’re all in the same boat, you just don’t know it.”- Pamela Martinson Olson

“As young adults, we tend to make choices based on societal norms and try to find happiness through that. The typical thought is: I’ll get this job so I can fund myself financially or my parents will have something to talk about and be proud of my stable life. We make decisions that reflect other people’s choices and not ourselves.”- Laolu Onabanjo

Join us for a special Twitter chat on Monday, March 9th for #InternationalWomensDay hosted by our Social Media Manager Julie Archer. We’ll be talking tips and resources for women in tech or for those interested in pursuing a career in technology. Join the conversation + follow along using #BHChat.

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