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Recently we launched our revolutionary VPS and dedicated hosting services. People have been asking us to offer these configurations for a long time and we’re thrilled at how well these services are being received. But one of the biggest reasons we were able to engineer truly breakthrough new servers is thanks to open source solutions.  Not everyone fully appreciates what that means, but the people attending OSCON definitely do. This year we’re taking the opportunity to discuss with friends in the open source community more about how we used open source to create VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services that raise the bar.


More Power Made Easy

Obviously, a more powerful hosting solution starts with remarkable hardware. At Bluehost we pride ourselves on doing things right and accordingly, we design, build, and maintain our own servers in-house so as to ensure they’re configured for truly optimal performance. But thanks to open source, we’ve found a way to deliver this power more reliably and easily to customers. By pioneering a new implementation using OpenStack and KVM hypervisor, we developed new features and flexibility uncommon to most VPS or dedicated solutions

  • Instant provisioning: Instead of waiting hours or even days for your server to come online you can start using your account the instant you need it.
  • Automated upgrades: Instantly move to more powerful options when you’re ready. We’ve developed exclusive technology that allows you to upgrade your existing shared hosting data to VPS or even dedicated servers with just a few clicks.
  • Guaranteed resources: With top-of-the-line hardware that’s regularly maintained in house, your hardware is performing at it’s peak. And we’ve utilized KVM hypervisor to ensures your resources are always available.
  •  Control panel included: Not all VPS and dedicated hosting customers need a control panel, but we include one just in case so virtually anyone can take advantage of a more powerful VPS or dedicated server. All the same tools that come with our original Bluehost shared hosting account come standard with VPS and dedicated solutions as well.
  • Dynamic resources:  Increase your available resources dynamically, which means you can add CPU and RAM (VPS only) or additional hosting storage on the fly. Our expansions are competitively priced and activated in real time.
  • Root access: For advanced users, our improved control panel offers full access to CentOS, giving you complete control of your server.
  • Multi-account management: Add shared, VPS or dedicated services to your existing account and manage all of your servers in one place. Even create passwords allowing separate access to cPanel and account ownership information.

Get Into the Weeds

For those who are technically savvy and want to learn more about the exciting technology behind our VPS and dedicated hosting implementation, watch this presentation by two of our senior systems architects, Jun Park, Ph. D. and Mike Wilson. They spoke recently at the 2013 OpenStack Summit in Portland, U.S.

Try Power for Less

Our new VPS and dedicated services have been up and running for a while now and the reviews have been fantastic. Both services are successful out of BETA and fully available to customers. So if you ever have wanted more power or control, give our new VPS or dedicated solutions a try. Instantly upgrade from your existing hosting account, or get a new server in seconds. Thanks to open source we have a lot of flexibility going forward. We’ll be announcing exciting new features about these services in the coming months, so stay tuned!
And if you’re at OSCON, stop by our booth (#501) and say hi!

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