Introducing WordPress Themes to the Bluehost Marketplace

Once it’s time to build a WordPress website, users can find it challenging trying to determine which plugins and themes are best suited for their site.

As a trusted WordPress partner, Bluehost is removing the obstacle of determining which plugins and themes are best suited for a site through our Bluehost Marketplace.

The evolving needs of website users have empowered platforms like WordPress to provide tools that feature specialized functionality to help build their websites. As a platform that commands 30% of the internet, WordPress has blazed a trail that enables developers and users to create applications like themes and plugins to be utilized across a variety of websites. 

Themes and plugins help new and experienced WordPress users create feature-rich websites that help with the look, feel, and design of their site. The growing number of plugins and themes being added to the directory can make it hard for users to decide which themes and plugins are safe and stable for their website. This is propelling users to seek resources that can help them identify how to navigate and select secure themes and plugins.

What is the Bluehost Marketplace?

Bluehost is taking the guesswork out of building a WordPress website by providing a centralized location for identifying and installing the best themes and plugins for all WordPress users. The Bluehost Marketplace, which is native to the Bluehost customer dashboard, features a collection of multi-use WordPress themes and plugins that can assist in boosting the design and functionality of a website. Users no longer have to do the heavy lifting to discern if a theme and plugin is right for their site, the Bluehost Marketplace features themes and plugins that have been vetted and approved by

When a Bluehost customer visits the Bluehost Marketplace, they will have access to premium themes and plugins at exclusive prices to help achieve the website of their dreams. A few key features of the Bluehost Marketplace include essential themes, easy management, and WordPress expert assistance that can help users find the right themes and plugins for their site. The continuous integration of new themes and plugins being added to the Bluehost Marketplace will help users stay up to date with the latest and trusted themes and plugins.

The Bluehost Marketplace features specialized WordPress plugins built directly into the dashboard to create easy search functionality, installation, and management for all WordPress users. Users will have access to popular WordPress plugins that are vetted by Bluehost and to ensure proper stability and reliability for their site. This helps reduce the risk of installing a plugin that can render your website vulnerable to malware or hacks.

How do Customers Access It?

Bluehost customers can access the Bluehost Marketplace through their customer login where they will navigate to the marketplace page on the left hand side of their menu. Once they are on the page they will be able to filter through categories like eCommerce, blogging, and fashion that will populate Bluehost certified themes. When they scroll through the plugins page, they have the option to sort out plugins by functionality needs such as payments, shipping, and store management.

Bluehost customers can call our 24/7 support team at 844-741-1192 to receive assistance on how to navigate the Bluehost Marketplace from their customer dashboard. Are you ready to build a great WordPress website? Shop secure and stable WordPress themes and plugins from our Bluehost Marketplace today!

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