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In 2020, WordPress made it easier to post Twitter threads to your website using Twitter embeds. As of October 6, 2020, you can now easily publish your WordPress posts directly to Twitter using the Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack Plugin for WordPress

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress is one of the most widely used plugins. It improves website security and page load speed, and enables promotion through social media integrations.

Jetpack’s core features are available in the free plugin. However, users looking for more advanced security and growth tools can make use of their premium plans. 

Jetpack 9.0 Rolls Out New WordPress to Twitter Publishing Feature

On October 6, 2020, Jetpack released version 9.0, which focuses on its social media integration features. All updates introduced with version 9.0 are available with the free Jetpack plugin.

Notably, version 9.0 of Jetpack introduced a new feature that empowers WordPress users to publish their WordPress posts to Twitter in the form of multiple tweets, also known as a tweetstorm or thread. 

With a couple of clicks, you can now publish your posts directly to Twitter. The tweets will also include images and videos from your posts.

The use of tweetstorms and other long-form Twitter posts has been debated among digital marketers. Some digital marketers believe that long-form content should be posted elsewhere, such as websites or blog platforms like Medium

However, you might find that Twitter threads can be an effective part of your social media marketing strategy.

The thread feature is widely used across Twitter and hasn’t dipped in popularity since it became an official feature in 2017. 

The Jetpack team took a thoughtful approach before releasing tweetstorm publishing capabilities. Jetpack included options to write an intro message and preview the thread before publishing it.

How to Post WordPress Articles to Twitter With Jetpack

If you want to use WordPress’s direct publish to Twitter feature, you’ll need to install and activate the free version of Jetpack. 

  1. Connect Your Twitter Account to WordPress Using Jetpack

Once you have activated the Jetpack plugin, you need to connect your Twitter account (or accounts) to your website using Jetpack. One of the benefits of the feature is that you can tweet posts directly to multiple Twitter accounts.

  1. Publish Directly From Any Post Page

After your Twitter account is connected, you can find the Twitter publishing feature on any Posts page. 

  1. Select a Twitter Account and Write an Introduction

Select the green Jetpack icon. In the section titled “Share this post,” you’ll be able to select which Twitter accounts you want to publish your post to.

You can also create an introduction message in the box where it says “Customize your message.” This is a great place to write a hook for your post to increase engagement. 

  1. Select a Format and Preview Your Post

Finally, you can select “Single Tweet” or “Twitter Thread.” The Jetpack developers included a social preview page to help WordPress users choose the best format. 

The social preview page lets you see what your post looks like as a Twitter thread before publishing.

Expert Tips for Publishing Twitter Threads

Here are some best practices to help you write content that works for website posts and Twitter threads.

Focus on Your First Tweet

When using the Twitter thread feature, the first tweet is the most important one. Use Jetpack’s custom message to introduce your article and tell readers what your content is about. 

Additionally, make sure the content in your first tweet captures your followers’ attention. The point of each tweet in a thread is to get your followers to read the next one.

Pace Your Ideas

Try to limit the length of the thread and each tweet. Keep in mind, 20 tweets in a row is a lot for readers to digest. You still want your ideas and your delivery to be engaging when shared on Twitter.

To make it easier for your readers to follow your thread, we recommend writing one main idea per tweet. The social preview page on Jetpack can help you see if your post is appropriate to share as a tweetstorm.

Use Images and Video to Increase Engagement

Although Twitter started with text-only posts, it’s grown into a more visual platform. Tweets with images are 34% more likely to be shared than those without any.

Using images, GIFs, and videos to support your ideas helps your posts get more attention and increases engagement. 

The Jetpack plugin automatically includes post media in your tweets. 

The best part? 

Including images and videos in your website posts can help with your SEO efforts, too. 

Sometimes promoting your website and driving traffic to it can be more difficult than creating it. However, WordPress offers several plugins to make your life easier. 

With Jetpack 9.0, you can keep your website and social media platforms integrated for maximum exposure and engagement

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