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With only one week to go until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) votes on new rules regarding the internet, now is the time to learn about net neutrality and join The Battle for the Net.
Everyone from T.V. show hosts such as John Oliver to President Obama have shared their opinions on the topic of net neutrality, the concept that all online data should be treated equally or should move at the same speed.
Here at Bluehost we support an open and free internet. We believe in open source technology. We built our business on it. And we work closely with our partners to help grow the open source community. We oppose regulations that would allow internet service providers and cable companies to discriminate against legal content or to create fast lanes for those who pay more to have their content distributed first.
If you still aren’t sure about how net neutrality impacts you and why we should protect it, watch this short video from American Public Media.

We first announced our support for net neutrality in a blog post in September 2014. However, a lot has happened since then and the FCC will vote on new regulations for the internet in just one week! Some members of Congress have ties to big cable and internet companies and oppose net neutrality because those companies oppose it.
We encourage you to contact your legislators this week and let them know you support net neutrality. Visit to learn more and to get involved.
Let’s keep the internet a neutral playing field!