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As you may have already noticed, we recently made some changes to the look and feel of your Bluehost account. Don’t worry – all of your favorite tools are still there, we’ve just made them easier to find and use.  We know change can be hard, so when you first log into your redesigned account, you’ll find a quick video that reviews some of the changes and walks you through where things are. Check that out the next time you log in!
In the meantime, here’s some of the things you can look forward to with your new and improved Bluehost account:

When you first log in to your redesigned Bluehost account, you’ll probably first notice a new menu. We’ve thrown out the old tabs and replaced them with a more simple navigation and a new submenu that links to all the tools you use most, such as email, FTP and databases. We think this makes a lot more sense and makes it easier to get to the tools you need. (P.S. We’ve kept your cPanel front and center.)

 Domains are also easier to manage thanks to the new submenu. All the top navigation items are tied to a unique submenu of related tools and options.

You’ll also see that we’ve added some new features to your account section. “My Products” lets you see all your extra features at a glance. This makes it really easy to see what add-ons and products you’ve purchased, as well as when they are due to expire.
And we’ve also added a new feature that has been requested for a really long time. Now you have the option of creating several passwords for your account, each with different levels of access. So along with your master password, now make one just for billing and payment settings or one for cPanel access only. This comes in very handy for those wanting to give a web developer access to their account tools but not the billing information, or vice versa!

 We hope you enjoy these new changes. We’re committed at Bluehost to not only giving our customers the best tools available, but also making those tools easier to use. These changes set the stage for many exciting new features we’re announcing in the coming months, so stay tuned. And enjoy your new and improved Bluehost account!

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