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People often turn to Pinterest when planning their holiday gifts. Some are looking for the perfect knitting pattern or gingerbread cookie recipe, while others are shopping directly on the app. 

This year, Pinterest is making it even easier to shop on its platform by rolling out new features like ad integration and new conversion data. And it’s expanding shopping options and inspiration to new regions. 

As more holiday consumers shop online, Pinterest offers an experience retailers can use to their advantage. When prepping your store for the holidays, don’t overlook Pinterest’s potential for your business

Read on to learn about:

  • Why you should optimize your online store for Pinterest
  • How Pinterest shopping is heading to the United Kingdom
  • Pinterest’s new ad integration features
  • Pinterest’s new conversion insights

Shopping on Pinterest

Pinterest’s goal is to make every post shoppable, and it’s making that push in the United States and new markets. Users can browse for products to buy, or they can search for specific shoppable content. 

Pinterest reports that 83% of weekly users have purchased an item based on the content they saw from companies on its website, and 55% of users are specifically looking for products. 

In the first six months of 2020, Pinterest saw a 50% growth in users shopping on the platform. That number is expected to grow even more as holiday shopping moves online with the ongoing 2020 pandemic. 

Plus, holiday content on Pinterest is expected to see a 22% sales increase

Pinterest is capitalizing on this growth with its latest updates that give retailers more ways to push their products to consumers.

Shopping Heads to the UK

With the success of Pinterest shopping in the U.S., Pinterest is expanding this feature. As Pinterest’s third-largest market, the United Kingdom is the next region to receive Pinterest shopping inspiration. 

This launch allows users to shop within a fashion or home Pin, and users can shop within their search results and boards. Pinners will also have access to the Lens camera visual search to shop inspiration they see in their daily life. 

Pinterest is also putting together shopping spotlights made by influential creators and publishers. The Pinterest x Stylist Shop board features products selected by Stylist Magazine, including home goods, jewelry, and makeup from independent businesses.

More Ad Integration Options

With mobile shopping expected to be a notable trend for the 2020 holiday season, Pinterest is trying to make the platform’s experience more like browsing a mall or shopping 5th Avenue than simply clicking “buy” on your phone.

To do that, Pinterest is putting ads into more shoppable places across the application. It’s expanding retailers’ opportunities to promote Pins and display ads in areas users want to see them.

Ads will appear in places relevant to shoppers in the U.S. and U.K., such as the visual search results. 

This now means advertisers can use Pinterest’s three highest-trafficked areas: 

  • Lens search 
  • The shop tab in search
  • Shopping on Pins 

The latter will be a feature added to the platform soon. 

Retailers can now benefit more from Pinterest’s most popular areas. When ads are included alongside user content they will lead potential customers to the products they want more easily. 

New Conversion Insights

Pinterest Verified Merchants and Shopify retailers will now have access to new insights that will help them see the impact of their Pinterest marketing efforts. 

These new conversion insights will show the engagement on paid and organic content, website visits, and checkouts. 

Retailers can analyze the specific performance of their Pins. This will allow you to see which Pins are converting the most consumers and then turn those organic Pins into ads. 

Pinterest is also adding a feature that will let sellers track their customers’ paths to purchase. You can see who visited your page, pinned items to their cart, and made purchases. This can help prevent cart abandonment and see which area you need to focus on optimizing.

Pinterest is a valuable tool for your holiday marketing strategy. It gives you the chance to provide an atmospheric shopping experience for users and turn more of those browsers into customers. As holiday shopping expands this year, make sure to capitalize on Pinterest’s monetized shopping experiences and conversion information. And if your store serves the United Kingdom, take advantage of the new shopping features available to you.

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