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OSCON is one of the most important technology events of the year because, for an entire week, all the people that make open source possible get together to share their expertise, promote efforts, and discuss the way forward. This year we decided to invite along some of our best partners to help more people connect with some of the world’s leading open source projects.
If you’re at OSCON this year, stop by booth 501 and visit with representatives from WordPress, Drupal and phpBB. We reserved an extra large booth and, aside from our ping pong table and displays, turned over our space so they could host “mini-booths” of their own.
We think it’s really important that as many open source projects are represented at OSCON as possible. The open source community, as well as our partners themselves, gain a lot by attending and we’re thrilled to be able to help make this happen.

Why BOSS Matters
Every Bluehost customer benefits from our partnerships within the open source community. We work closely with projects to directly integrate their solutions into our platform, making leading open source software easy to install and use. This ensures our customers enjoy all the tools they need to succeed online.
But our partners benefit too. Bluehost Open Source Solutions (BOSS) is a program we designed to help open source projects thrive. By becoming part of BOSS, partners get access to:

  • One-click installations of their software
  • Financial sponsorship of events and programs
  • Free hosting accounts for developers and event attendees
  • Statistics on performance, installations, usage, and more
  • Custom landing pages
  • Feedback loop between Bluehost developers and their own project developers
  • Promotional items for events
  • Support through the Bluehost affiliate program
  • Training videos about their software

Working with Our Partners
At Bluehost we work closely with our partners because we know it makes a difference to everyone involved. By offering the latest and greatest open source solutions, our customers enjoy truly unlimited tools to accomplish their online dreams. Our partners benefit from direct user feedback and developer input as they work to create the web’s most powerful and best online solutions.
If you’re an open source developer or are starting a project of your own, consider joining BOSS. Learn more at, or email us at
And if you’re lucky enough to be at OSCON, come to our booth (#501) to say hi. Play some ping pong and meet with representatives from some of the leading open source tools in the industry!

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